Tuesday, May 7, 2013

birthdays in may.

So this past weekend was EPIC.

We packed up and headed about 3 1/2 hours west back over to Anderson for BG's little bff's third birthday party. We were all stoked that we were able to make it and could not wait to get over there and see old friends. Both of BG's school buddies were going to be there along with Miss Brittany (pretty much BG's favorite person ever) and her little one, MK.

BG was beyond excited to go and the ride there actually flew by as she chatted about all the fun she was fixing to have. And fun was definitely had.
These three didn't miss a beat. They were immediately three peas in a pod again and couldn't stay away from each other as they ran, played with jewelry, read books, and did whatever other activities they could pack in their short time together.
PicMonkey Collage27

I'm not going to lie; it hurt my heart a little bit to go back. While it's so great to see old friends and to keep that connection, it becomes very evident that life goes on without you once you leave. New friendships are formed, others are strengthened. It's a good thing for sure, but it leaves you feeling a bit like an outsider. At one point I met eyes with Mr. P across the room and I could tell he felt it too. BG also walked off by herself for a minute and I'm sure she was overwhelmed at being around so many people that she doesn't see daily anymore. It's just an odd feeling.

But the odd feeling passed and we quickly soaked in our last few minutes of the girls being together and of time with our friends. It was way too short a visit :(

After we left, we headed about two hours north to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday with her in Charlotte. Mr. P and BG tagged along and rented a hotel room for the evening where they indulged in room service and movies while we had a grand 'ol girls' night downtown.

We girls might have had a bit too much fun. We were all moving pretty slow the next morning, but it was worth it. I adore my friends. They are absolutely insane but I love them.

I'm grateful for these friendships. I'm also grateful birthdays only come once a year. This girl can't hang.


Unknown said...

The girls look SO big in that first picture!!

Megan said...

Oh I love the pic with the three girls, they look so cute and happy!


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