Monday, May 13, 2013

s & k get hitched: part 1

My brother and sister in law got married last year in a simple, sweet ceremony in the park. It was between deployments and moves and baby and was low key and sweet and quite simply, perfect.

However, they both wanted a big wedding. A big celebration of sorts to show all their friends and family a good time and to have everyone celebrate them as they became a family. So on the one year anniversary date of their wedding, this past Saturday, they renewed their vows in front of family and friends. And it was perfect.

Mr. P drove down to Charleston the day before for some work stuff so he was planning on meeting us down there Friday. BG and I were meeting my aunt and Papa Friday morning to head to the beach in time for the rehearsal. Only, as usual, my work day became a complete cluster and we ended up leaving Florence way later than we intended. Fortunately the little gave us a bit of a break in that she slept most of the way down there allowing for zero stops. Praise.

When we got to town, we had to make a mad dash to change clothes and make it over to the Rehearsal. Only we didn't because as per the norm, everybody in my family was late. They will all be late to their own funeral. Mark my words.

Once everyone got there, it was rehearsal time.
It was hot, but everyone was in fantastic spirits. They couldn't have a funner group of people to surround themselves with and we girls laughed the whole time we were there as we caught up and made new friends. It was such a relaxed atmosphere even in the midst of the stress of getting things set up. Which thankfully took no time at all.

After the rehearsal, we all headed back over to Kiki's parents' house for dinner and drinks. Family quickly joined us and it became this loud affair with so much laughter. Kids were running around playing, drinks were flowing, amazing view of the beach; quite simply, I never wanted to leave.

We girls all spent the night in the pool house at Kiki's parents' house. Only as we sat there talking and drinking a bit, we realized we had completely forgotten to go pick up the flowers earlier. Which lead to the five of us mad dashing it across town, in our pajamas, to pick them up. Thank goodness for Mother's Day weekend which had the florists still up and hard at work.

K wanted to go straight home, but the rest of us kidnapped her and drug her to a local bar (yes, in our pajamas) for a few drinks and a low key "bachelorette party". It was so fun. Those girls are a riot.

We finally made it back to the house only to find the boys had shown back up too. So of course we all stayed up way too late playing games, shooting the breeze, and yes, having a few cocktails. Finally at 1, K and I called it a night and dipped out for bed. There's no telling what time the rest of the crew died out.

The next morning dawned bright and early with K's Mom busting into the pool house looking for help to go to the venue to set up. But that's for another day :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! My husband makes us late for every family holiday or event. My mom calls it "Jerry time".


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