Monday, October 20, 2014

35 weeks

How Far Along? 35 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? will find out Thursday

Sleep? the insomnia is still fierce. I actually never had this with E so it's throwing me off a bit. And I'm up and down a lot these days for bathroom breaks which is basically like rolling over an elephant so.... sleep isn't so great.

Best Moment of the Week: his nursery is done! yay! Also, a woman at a consignment store asked me when I was due the other day and when I said "next month", she looked genuinely shocked and told me I did not look big enough to be due next month. I wanted to kiss her on the mouth. Love her forever now.

Movement- Movement is changing a lot. It's a lot of rolls. A lot of rolls. And they all seem to be on my bladder. It's so weird feeling. Also that foot/leg may come out of my right side. You can literally grab his leg. It's crazy. He sticks it so high up that I feel like my rib may crack (which at this point with E, I swore she did).

Food Craving- water. Lots of ice water. Other than that I'm over food.

Food aversions- everything. I get too full to quick which blows.

Symptoms- pelvic pain. He is just so LOW. The waddling is fierce. And funny. I mean I can laugh at me. That's fine.

Labor Signs- still Braxton-Hicks. Lots of them.

Belly Button- flat.

What I miss- being able to bend over and not walk like a duck.

What I'm looking forward to- him being here. Seeing him on the ultrasound again made me so excited just to lay eyes on him. To see who he looks like and to just hold him. I swear it's not going to be real til he gets here so it needs to happen!

Big Sister Status- We talk about him a bit more. She said she's sure he'll be as cool as she is tonight. We shall see...

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