Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4 months

Oh sweet boy, you are four months old and I cannot even wrap my head around it. I'm not blinking anymore because I swear every time I do, you grow up more. Not okay.

It's kind of been a rough month for you. I took you to Urgent Care at the end of February and you were diagnosed with reflux. You had this cough that sounded like you had been smoking for 40 years. It was awful. You felt terrible. It took us a few weeks, a trip to the ER, a diagnosis of bronchiolitis and an ear infection, a formula change, and a lot of meds to get you feeling better. It was rough. But I think you're on the up and up now. Fingers crossed.

Your sleep has left much to be desired this month. Some nights you sleep four-five hours, and some nights you are up every two hours. There has been no schedule. I'm going to throw you a bone though. You really have not felt good at all. I'm hoping now that your ear feels better and your reflux is a bit more under control that we will really see an improvement in your sleep. We all need it. For sure.

So what else have you been up to this month Coop-a-loop?

- You went to Savannah for your first St. Patrick's Day. And you had a blast. You saw a bit of the parade but you spent most of your time being passed from person to person as we all fought to hold you and love all over you.

- You push your bottle or my chest away when you're done eating.

- You are still nursing and I'm just going with your flow on this. My supply is still terrible but it's about the same as always so we work with it. I think you nurse mostly for comfort which is fine by me. I figure when you get completely frustrated with it and don't want to anymore then we will quit. Until then, I'll pump and do whatever I need to. You're worth it.
- You still eat about every three hours. We don't want to up your amount too much right now because of the reflux so you will probably stay on that schedule for a while. You eat about five ounces at every feeding.

- You are putting your weight on your feet more often and are starting to enjoy "standing" a bit more.

- You love sitting up in your little chair. You are still pretty wobbly but you're getting there.

- You have figured out the toys on your seat and love to play with them and bang them on the tray. You also have found the toys on your play mat and like to roll and grab them.

- You love your little giraffe. It's your buddy.

- You are this ll close to rolling back to belly. You keep getting stuck on your side. You can roll from stomach to back but you don't do it much. You are still not a huge fan of tummy time.

- You are extremely vocal. You have definitely found your voice and you love to use it! You have the sweetest little voice.
- You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month. You are still in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers. At your four month appointment you weighed in at 15.3 pounds and were 24.75 inches long with at 42.2 cm head circumference. You are right in the 50th percentile for everything.

- You constantly have your hands in your mouth chewing on them and I've seen you sucking your thumb a few times. You also spend a lot of time sucking in that bottom lip. You act like you're teething, but I know your sister started this months before she started teething so maybe you're just getting started. It will probably be a while before we see any teeth.

- You go to bed around 7:30 pm each night and then it's a guessing game what happens next. You are usually up at least once or twice to nurse and then usually back to sleep. But like I said, you are Mr. Random Man at night. Every night is a guessing game.

- You are getting a bit better at napping but still aren't great. You will take an hour nap every so often. That's about your longest nap. I don't get why you don't like to sleep...

- You have started giggling out loud more often. It's pretty much the best sound.

- You are starting to turn your head when we say your name and smile at your name.

- You are still hands down a Mama's boy. You adore your sister and your Daddy but you light up when I come in the room. I love it so, so much. You melt my heart kid.

You are such a joy Coop. It's been a trying month but we are moving along and I know much better times are ahead. I can't wait for the next month with you.

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