Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the beginning...

So in the beginning there was a girl. Who spent her days reading about everyone else's life and thinking "Hey... I go through that all the time!". So when my best friend J decided to start her own blog about her life and love as a single mom, I decided it was the perfect time to describe mine as the opposite.... So I got married 3 and 1/2 years ago and it's been like a rollercoaster since. It's the hardest and most natural thing I've ever done. It's just me and Mr. Perfect right now. Day by day trying to figure out what tomorrow is going to hold for us... I work full time for a veterinarian, where I work really hard (ish...). I drink a lot of coffee, make a lot of sarcastic comments, work hard, and play even harder. I got really lucky in the friend department. I've got the most awesome friends who'll be all over this blog because I'm really nothing without them. My little brother is a Marine and more importantly my best friend. I've got three dogs, a cat, and a fish that are my children. Well not the fish. I just won him at a fair! I'm freespirited, relaxed most of the time, laughing all of the time, overanalyzing some of the time, and a constant work in progress. Stick around... I promise it gets good!

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading more about you and your life ;)


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