Monday, November 24, 2008

"Not Me Monday"

I can't help it.. I'm in love with this ladies' blog!! Her family is adorable and the stories she tells crack me up! So I'm joining in on one of her little things she does every Monday called.. "Not Me Monday" (couldn't have guessed that could you?!). You can go here for how to play because I can't really explain it.. But here goes mine..

I did not dry a load of laundry three times today just because I don't quite have the desire to fold them yet...

I did not secretly love it when my co-worker got in trouble for coming off rude to clients and not knowing how to talk to them "quite like Megan does"...

I did not get super stressed out when I found out my whole family is coming to MY house for Thanksgiving dinner, and I most certainly am NOT blogging this when I should be cleaning (and folding a load of laundry!)

I most certainly did not let the cat eat the sandwich I just dropped on the floor instead of cleaning it up...

and lastly.. I will not be making rice for the dogs for dinner because I still have yet to make it to the store for food.. Every dog likes eating rice for a week right?!

On another note.. I'm sick of the cold... Is it time for this again yet?!?!?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You'll just have to do a power clean before all the fam comes over. It is always better that way, right!?!

Mike and Molly Spivey said...

yay! you started a blog! Very exciting!

Freespirited Mama said...

Hey hun, love your blog! I got new stuff about Mr. Hair Man.... Love You! Tell lil bro hi, oh yeah and mom and dad!



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