Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cracked out on Full Throttle....

After 11 hours, a stop for dinner with Mr. Perfect's family, 5 bathroom stops, 4 cups of coffee, and 3 Full Throttles (hence the bathroom stops), we made it to the parents abode in Maryland.

I did some serious concert perfoming of some Ashlee Simpson last nite. A sold out show I'm sure.

I had to keep myself awake since Mr. Perfect slept the whole way!! Boo. He said it was my fault since I kept him up the nite before talking in my sleep. Touche touche.

My throat hurts this morning and I still feel like my heart is about to beat out of chest. I think I'm cracked out on energy drinks.

We're off to tour the Baltimore area today. Wish us luck since it's about 30 degrees colder here than back home, and this girl didn't pack accordingly. =( 'Course not.


jlc said...

Rest those vocals!!

And oh no! I do that all the time! Just an excuse to pick up some cute clothes while you're there?? At least that's my theory. ;)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Glad you got there safe! I hpe you feel better and have a great trip!

Lindsey said...

Feel better friend and stay warm!=)

In This Wonderful Life said...

glad you made it safely!!! i have to do lots of singing with loud music to stay awake!! (i typically make husband drive if he comes along though!) (I also can't see at night..ekk!)


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