Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Is This Fair?!?!?

No. That is not my yard.

It is however my BFF Ash's yard up in Athens, GA.

How is this fair?! My yard is still green brown!! If it's going to be this doggone cold, then at least give us the white stuff!!

My town hasn't had snow since 1989. I was 7. So many of my friends are having snow days and I'm steady working.. Oh the humanity!!

Not that I want one of those crazy snowstorms like the Carolinas and so many of you other bloggers are going through right now. I just want to make a snow angel. I've never made a snow angel!! =(

So I had a sneaky suspicion when I talked to my little brother the Marine on Friday, that he was most def up to something. I asked him if he was headed to Hometown, USA again, but he said no.

Funny. I could totally hear road noise in the background. I should be a P.I.

This showed up on his Facebook today. Him and the little new girl had a little weekend trip to Charleston!! Busted!!

Oh little ones, I am wise beyond your years. And I know all.

I think this is so cute. My little brother doesn't have the best track record with relationships. Usually they've already crashed and burned ended already. But I think he really likes this one.

I do too. So I won't go all big-sister on her like I've done to some in the past. (It's not me!! Some of them have been BAD!!)

He's trying to set up a time for her to meet the parents.. Oh please let me be there for that. =)

I told my boss about the Bachelor spoiler that Reality Steve posted. He doubted me.

He doesn't anymore! I didn't watch an episode of the Bachelor all year til last nite. I'm glad I didn't. What a not cool man. And could he have cried anymore?! I hope that Melissa girl doesn't stay too upset over him for long. Not worth it.

American Idol recap in T-minus 2 days!! Is it wrong I left work early today so that I would have time to go to the gym, go pick up pants for Mr. Perfect, get dinner, and still not miss a minute of American Idol?!?

Hey. This girl's got priorities!


Am said...

Just started watching TV again after a month and a half hiatus. Anyway, SO SO SO disappointed in the Bachelor. Watched AI tonight!!!
Your L'il bros gf is a cutey. Be nice to her.

In This Wonderful Life said...

They whole bachelor situation has really made me question that show!! I use to like it!! 1989..it has been a while since snow!!!


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