Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

...It's back!!

Or I guess I'm back since this little bloggy carnival actually went no where. It was just off touring little rooms like nurseries, playrooms, and fun little rooms that I don't have. But this week it's bathrooms; and those, I've got.

Our guest bathroom is pretty basic. It has a skylight which is fun, but completely pointless. Whatevs, I didn't pay for it. I actually want to change this room. I want to put tile down (it still has linoleum), change out the sink, put wainscoting on the lower half, and paint the top half either lime green (working on the hubs) or a bright blue. But I would also like to eat, so all that will have to wait.

Looking in from the hall

side view

The wall by the vanity. I realize that a) the picture frame looks like a dog tried to eat it, but I don't care, I'm not buying a new one, and b)that UGA doesn't really match. I personally think he should not have to be banished to the bathroom but the Mr. is not a Georgia fan so here he sits. Sad. =(

The wall opposite the throne. You see that nice strip of blue? Yea, the morons perfectly nice people that had the house before us kind of painted the walls and the tub.

Crass I know, but I love it. I found this at an antique store Downtown.


blech, linoleum.

Now onto the master bath. Our bathroom is TINY, but it doesn't bother us at all. We leave for work at different times every single day so we are never trying to both get in there at the same time. If we're going out or anything, I do my hair in the guest room. I designed our whole bathroom around a mirror I found that the previous owners left in the garage. I knew right away that the bathroom had to be purple. The Mr. and I argued about this for months til he finally gave in. Now he loves it. Only problem. For some reason (I guess we chose the wrong paint?!) the water from the shower steams up the bathroom (I like my showers to the point of scalding) and then leaves water marks all over the paint. They never go away. So I guess we'll have to repaint. But I still love my bathroom!

Entering from our bedroom. We (go ahead and assume that "we" means "the hubs") ripped out the sink and put this one in. The mirror is the one I found that I lurve! We also put up the light fixture and tore down the horrible brass monstrosity that was up there.

See what I mean about the water?!? I want to get some sort of cabinet thing to put on this wall and move that picture to the other side. We (still means "the hubs") have too many "products" in here and not enough storage so I'm trying to find a cabinet for him to put them in so they aren't out, but they also aren't stuck up under the sink. Then we are both happy. Where do mine go? Secret: I really don't have any. I am freakishly low maintenance.

The tile!! Oh how I love my tile! The hubs did this all by himself! I'm so proud!!

The mirror and the products that need someplace to go. Hence, the cabinet above the toilet.

*ok.. so like 3 of those are mine..

That's all folks. I'm off to put in my miles now that it's out of the 100's and into the 90's here in Coastal Town, GA.


Lara said...

Just to let you know I left an award for you on my blog:

Lara x

Miss Jody said...

Get a organizer that goes over the toilet..standing up one?
I have a white on that looks nostalgic....did I spell that word right?
But I love to organize and decorate:)
Your bathrooms are very cute:)

In This Wonderful Life said...

super cute bathroom megs! :) I haven't had a chance to jump on the show us your home train!

Anonymous said...

Love the wall colors. Good work!

Emily said...

I love the purple! Looks good!

Lindsey said...

I love that we both have purple bathrooms! We are so alike!!


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