Sunday, May 2, 2010

road trip numero uno

Last Tuesday, Mr. Perfect and I packed it up and headed to Small Town, SC to spend the night with his family.

Road trippin' with a 3 week old?

Not so easy.

We didn't get to leave until late Tuesday afternoon because I had my 3 week post delivery check up. So of course when we were getting ready to leave we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Fortunately, I had packed for Baby Girl and I that morning so we were just trying to get Mr. Perfect's stuff packed.

We ran right into feeding time. Somehow I thought it would be ok to cut feeding time a little short (I know, but I didn't want to hit rush hour traffic!!). Dumbest decision ever.

We got BG into her car seat and she flipped into full on meltdown mode. At this time the phone started ringing, we were trying to get the dogs put up, and get the truck packed.

The Imperfects were stressing.

We got about 5 minutes down the road and it started raining. We had to leave the dogs outside til my friend KP could come take care of them, and I felt horrible about them getting rained on. Add to that the fact that BG is still screaming her head off in the backseat, and this girl was ready to turn around. So was the hubs.

But we kept going.

We hit traffic and were at a standstill before we even got out of town. So I climbed in the backseat and fed BG a bottle. That was all it took. The rest of the ride was smooth sailing and she didn't make a peep til we got to SC.

BG did pretty good while in SC. I had a hard time because everyone just kept passing my child around and I literally missed holding her, but other than that it was ok. Of course, everyone had their opinions and didn't quite understand our schedule... But I guess everyone deals with that with family. It did become apparent that I'll have to be a bit more assertive when it comes to my child. I need to learn that... Oh. And to pack clothes for more than one type of weather. It was so hot when we left home, but quite chilly in SC so BG spent the whole time in pajamas. Whoops.

It was good that we went because we have quite a much longer road trip coming up in May when we go to welcome the Marine home. And this let us know what else we needed to pack and what we really don't need. This kid travels with a lot of crap.

BG with her Uncle K.

Meeting her Great-Granddad.

Hanging out with Pa-Pa

With Pa-Pa and Granny

On the way home.. She really is perfect!

And just because its precious. You might have to turn this way up, but hear is Baby Girl's new noise shes started making when shes content. Oh I love it!


Miss Jody said...

she's so precious***

I'm glad everything turned out fine for your trip!


Lindsey said...

She is just too adorable for words!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Love that picture...she is just so precious!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I came accross your blog, but I just wanted to say congratulations on your baby girl! I am from the town you live in (I can tell from the pics of hospital and peds office). I now live in NC though. I have a 7 week old baby girl. Funny, we almost named her Ella Grace but we changed our minds and went with Paisley Grace instead. But I love the name Ella! She is adoreable!


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