Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend wrap-up

Wow. Haven't done one of these in a while. Mostly because lately my weekends and weekdays look exactly the same. Perk (low?) of the job I guess.

But before all that, check out my new look! One of my favorite bloggers, Katie over at Loves of Life, spruced up the 'ol page for me and I couldn't love it anymore. She was ridiculously easy to work with and had the blog makeover done so quickly. Highly recommend her.

We spent 98% of this weekend on the road. Good times with a toddler. We packed up on Saturday and headed down to Columbia for Hudson's second birthday party. Unfortunately, we hit stand still traffic right outside of town for almost an hour and ended up being way more than fashionably late. Boo.

Fortunately, we still were there in time for BG to get out and play with the boys some. And for the food. Yum. Erin did an incredible job on the party. Check her blog out for the details. I'll save the pictures of the kiddos until she shares hers so check there tomorrow to check out H in his adorable birthday suit.

BG and I stuck around town for a little while after the party and were able to hang out with Erin and her husband, TC. So fun. Time with Erin is quickly becoming some of my favorite girl time and TC is a riot. Such a great afternoon with them!

On Sunday, Mr. Perfect, BG, and I packed up and headed up to Greensboro for his cousin's wedding reception. BG did awesome on this trip and slept til we got to Charlotte to stop for lunch, and then quietly played in the back the rest of the trip. The reception was a nice time with family and friends although I spent most of it chasing my toddler.

BG was on her best behavior. Besides the trail of goldfish around the room (oops), you really wouldn't have even known she was there. She did spend a good portion of her afternoon wandering from table to table and charming the people around her. People adore her. Thank goodness for that.

I dragged her out on the dance floor to do the cupid shuffle with me. She loved that. I loved the burn in my legs when my old tail got off the dance floor. Mr. P took BG out on the floor for a father/daughter dance at one point. My heart melted. It's probably still on that floor.

The little girls there LOVED BG which worked out great for us because they wore her tail out. By the time we left, she was basically comatose. She passed out the minute we hit the car. Unfortunately she woke up when we stopped for dinner and stayed awake the rest of the way home and hours after that. So that was fun.

We had a blast. Even being in the car for most of the weekend, it just felt so good to get out and go.

I'm paying for it today though. I'm all kinds of exhausted.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Looks great lady. And the wedding looked like a good time :) Love BG in the birthday hat!

Meg said...

Love the new design...and your hair and outfit in the pictures. You look great!

Megan said...

Looks like it was a busy but fun weekend!!! Sweet girl looks adorable as usual!

KM said...

I LOVE your hair look so pretty in all your pics! Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend.


Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Love the redesign!

Color me impressed that you survived a weekend full of toddler road trips. Looks like you all had a blast, and that's especially fun you got to share in Hudson's big day.


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