Friday, June 10, 2011


My blogging mojo is down. I can't seem to get the words out lately. Blah. I've also got about a million things that I'm trying to do right now so every time I sit down to the computer, I'm working on multiple things. Blogging becomes least important.

I'm currently still trying to finish BG's slideshow (yes, the one for her party) so that I can put it on a cd for her. I'm also working on her first year photo book as well as one for her birthday party. However when I sit down to work on any of them, my ocd gets the best of me and I get overwhelmed at having them in a precise order and I have to walk away. I have issues. Think she'll mind getting those as a high school graduation present?

It's hot here. Which I'm not complaining about (kind of) since I'd much rather it be hot than cold, but it's really hard to explain to a toddler that you can't go outside without melting. It's also really hard to keep said toddler occupied inside all the time. There's only so many things you can do indoors. Thankfully, hubs took her outside for a while the other day to "help" him with yard work. If only I could get her to "help" with housework..

BG is currently obsessed with the dogs. Obsessed. She can also now say Lacy ("Ya-ye!") and she says it all day. Funny because Lacy is the pet that has the least to do with her but she loves her. All day she walks around saying "doggie" or "ya-ye". Funny.

And yes.. walks. She's a full blown walker now. I haven't sat down while she was awake in days.

She's got a new face for pictures now. Squinty eyes and a squinty nose?? She melts my heart.

**ignore the ill fitting romper. It was mine when I was her age but she's a lot bigger than I was so...**

Allergies are kicking my butt. I wake up feeling like I'm in a fog and I stay in that fog all day. I drink an entire pot of coffee a day. That actually probably has zero to do with allergies. I should get my hemoglobin checked again. Guarantee it's low.

I'm currently obsessed with Photoshop. I want to edit pictures all day everyday. Too bad there's no time which is why I'm usually up to one or two in the morning playing around. Yep. I've got the fierce under eye circles to prove that statement true.

We're making plans for out Fourth of July trip up to Maryland. I am so looking forward to getting up there, but am looking forward to the drive like I would a root canal. We're still trying to figure out the best way to make this trip with a kid that HATES being in the car lately. Travel suggestions??

We've got a super busy weekend and I love it. We're headed down to Columbia for this sweet boy's birthday party and then up to North Carolina for a wedding reception on Sunday. I'm just looking forward to seeing friends!!

I think that's it. I'm not even going to tell you how many times I got distracted while writing this. Seriously, the attention span is killing me lately.


Kara said...

You know what, I was the same way about making a photo book for Sarah's first year. I keep prints anyway, and have them on the computer and a flash drive, but I wanted a book. Well, I never got to it and my MIL made her one for her first birthday. Granted, it wasn't all the pics I would have put in and had some I wouldn't have chosen, but I LOVE IT because I didn't have to do it and it's perfect! Our kids don't/won't know if something was left out, etc. Just think of how we treasure what little photos our parents have of when we were little. Our kids are going to be overwhelmed, in a good way, by all we have done for them. It has become so easy to document and record EVERYTHING that we have just given up completely. It's impossible to do everything there is available for us to do, if that makes sense. It's perfectionism-if you can't do it all and do it perfectly, then don't do it-is the mindset. I have that same issue. And there's never time to focus. What a dilemma! I am going to tell her to make me one every year so I don't have to fight with myself! Sorry this is too long. :)

Polka said...

good luck with everything that you are doing right now


Angie said...

Sound like you have a fun weekend planned! Enjoy it girl!

I love that you sweetie is loving the pups. It always made me smile when my human kids liked my puppy dog kids.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

The Chateau was my favorite part, too!!

She is absolutely adorable. I love that she walks around saying "ya-ye", please get it on video, I would love to hear it! I bet you are a busy mama chasing her around.

My allergies have been bad too (as I sniff). We need one 100+ degree day to kill all of the pollen!

BeccaMichelle said...

Portable dvd player = lifesaver.

ps. I feel exactly the same about J's first year photo album. I'm still working on printing and getting everything in date order... she'll be 16 months in a week...


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