Friday, June 3, 2011

14 months

Like how she kicked that shoe off huh? Got to work on her love of accessories!

It amazes me that it's already been two months since we celebrated your first birthday little one. Time sure does need to slow down..

Baby Girl, you are growing and changing with a quickness. Somehow this month, I blinked, and my tiny little baby became a little girl. She loves having her hair brushed, playing with her dolls, and helping me put on her shoes (which she takes off).

You are finally walking!! You can now get from the ground to standing up all on your own. You still do some crawling, but every day it gets less and less.

You are fiercely independent. You want to do EVERYTHING yourself. You'll take the washcloth from your Dad and try to wash yourself. You take the brush from me and try to do your own hair. You want to feed yourself everything.

You're finally getting some signs down and I think that's helped a bit with communicating. You can sign "milk", "all done", "more", and "please". You say "wa-wa" when you want water. You get your point across.

You had your first real sick day this month. You've had a few "colds" and what not, but this time you quit eating, had a fever for three days, were lethargic and just wanted to be held. I ended up taking you to the doctor and you were diagnosed with a bad virus. It broke my heart seeing you that sick, but I did enjoy the cuddles that I so rarely get these days.

You are still so very verbal. You talk and make noises all day. You've added a few new words this month; "wa-wa" (water), "Lacy", and "doll". You'll point at what you want and then you want it quickly!

You are totally into climbing. You climb on tables, chairs, the stairs, the couch. You can also get yourself down once you get up now. You crack us up when you hike that little leg up to get on to stuff.

You show us your feet and hands when we ask. If we ask you to show us anything on your face, you point at your ears and laugh. We're still working on those!

Just today you learned how to show me how old you are. If I ask you how old you are, you hold up that little pointer finger.

You love to play peek-a-boo and "where's Ella?!". You love throwing your blanket over your head and just laughing as we play the "where's Ella?!" game.


Height: measure today around 32.5 inches. You are getting long!

Weight: around 27 pounds

Sleep: This has been a little off this month. You still go to bed around 7:30 but it takes you a while to go to sleep. You've been waking up around 7 again this month (ugh) with a good two hour nap in the morning and pretty much a skipped nap in the afternoon. If you do nap in the afternoon, it's late, which is why bed time is so messed up. We're working on getting this back on track.

Clothes: Mostly 18 month dresses and shirts. 24 month rompers and one pieces.

Diapers: Size 4 during the day, 5 at night

Toys: Alphabet train, piano, balls, Noah's Ark little people, Fisher Price standing home, V-tech book in the car, your little pool. You have basically zero interest in books. You don't even make it through one at bed time anymore. :(

Food: You've slowed down a lot on the eating this month. You still love peas, corn on the cob, Goldfish, yogurt, cottage cheese, and deli meat.


Unknown said...

I love that Ella is as big as Little M!! I cannot believe it's been two months since she turned 1 either...I feel like I was JUST reading that post! It's really unfair just how fast they change from babies to little girls!

Jen Watts said...

Could she be any cuter? Also love, love the picture of you and her cuddling-you have such a pretty profile!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I cannot believe how quickly time goes! What a great post for the books :) So fun! We can't wait to see y'all when you come up to visit! (sorry, I still need to email you back!) and I can't wait to see E walking

lg2006 said...

I love hearing what I can expect in my future!! She is so cute in her chair with one shoe on and one shoe off!

Megan said...

Gosh she is just so cute! I bet you can't believe that she is this big already!!


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