Sunday, November 6, 2011

project 365: week 44

Sunday, October 30th:

We headed into town to check out Boo in the Zoo on Sunday. Such a good time. Although at this point, BG was over waiting in the super long line to get in.

Monday, October 31st:

Getting ready to Trick-or-Treat with my girl!

*I just wrote October for all of these dates. How on EARTH is it already November???

Tuesday, November 1st:

A day with Mom sometimes means candy while still in jammies. Hey, you got to do what you got to do.

Wednesday, November 2nd:

Heading to school one morning. Seriously, how is she so big??

Thursday, November 3rd:

Sprinkles before dinner? Well, why not?

Friday, November 4th:

What? You mean your kid doesn't run around at bedtime wearing one of your scarves and a diaper on her head?

Saturday, November 5th:

On Saturday, Tiffany and I met up to take the kiddos to a balloon festival here in town. They had all these inflatable things but very few were appropriate for T and BG's age. Ask Tiffany. She tried to carry the two of them to the top of an inflatable slide. I've never laughed so hard in my life. But I'm sure they appreciated your effort girl! Once Tiffany recovered from carrying about 45 pounds of baby up an inflatable slide, we found a bounce house and they loved it. We should've just stayed there the whole time!


Maria said...

Ah, such precious memories! Love the diaper on her head- I hear it will be all the rage this year ;)

KM said...

Hey Girl! I have been meaning to tell you...for some SAD reason I no longer can see any pics on your post :( I wonder if it's only me...if so that stinks. I miss seeing cutie BG.


Angie said...

haha! i love the scarf and diaper duo! so cute...what a sweetie pie!


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