Monday, November 14, 2011


Better late than never right?

BG started Halloween off in her Eeyore costume from last year that she rocked to her school party. I was not letting her white lamb costume step foot in that school.

However, she was not in the mood for pictures. And apparently she stayed that way because when Dad tried to get pictures of her at her party, she lost it. Oh bless it...

Yea, no clue where her costume went.

I got stuck at work late so we decided to stay in town and just head over to a Trunk or Treat at my friend's church. We of course had to walk over to our neighbor's house to give them a chance to ooh and aah over the cuteness. ;) Then it was off to get the candy!

IMG_7137 IMG_7138IMG_7139

We had such a good time. I loved the Trunk or Treat thing. It was easier than her having to try and go up and down steps and knock on doors and such. She was not happy about being strapped in the stroller, but she was straight up pumped to take off on us. Toddlers are insane.

We met up with my friend D and her kiddos for a bit and then decided to call it an early night. Well, after one more stop at a neighbors to let BG actually get to walk up to a door.

It was such a good time! I thought I was going to be a bit sad since last year was so fun to trick or treat with our pals, but I'm finding that we're really carving out a life here. Making our own way and our own memories. At the end of the night as I watched BG jump around on a sugar high and Mr. P struggle to get her out of costume, I felt so blissfully happy. Life is the memories you're making with the people you love. Not where you make them.

Also, this thing was huge. How big does her head look?!?


Turner Aycock said...

she is so precious. i love her little cheeks. my little Emmeline is sporting some chunky cheeks these days :) xo

Jen Watts said...

She's so cute! I love the trunk or treat thing too. These little divas we have!- I get a new gray hair everyday.


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