Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8 months.

So I realize I say this every single month, but seriously? How is she already eight months old?!?

This girl is such a joy. I've never been around such a happy, loving baby in my life. She only cries if she's really tired. That's it. You would never know if she's dirty, hungry, nothing. She never tells you. She is currently wearing size 9-12 month clothing. She's in size 3 Pampers Cruisers. She eats three meals a day consisting of meat, veggies, and fruits. We've added in yogurt and finger foods. We have still not found a food that she just does not like.

She's still getting four bottles a day. Eight ounces in the morning and at night and two six ounce bottles during the day. She gets juice for a snack with some Gerber Puffs in the afternoon. She is a good eater.

She still sleeps 12 hours at night (7.30-7.30) and takes two naps a day. Usually about 10-11 and then again in the afternoon for an hour and a half or so. You are fighting naps big time right now and you've been known to skip the afternoon one and just go to bed about 7. That kills me. I don't like those days!

No doctor's visit this month, but I think her weight is probably still around 20-21 pounds and probably around 29 inches. She's finally thinning out some but is still rocking those big cheeks!

Baby Girl you will never know just how much we love you. Every month as you get a bit older, I don't really get the usual sadness that I hear so much about. Yes, it stinks that you are growing up so fast, but at the same time, as I watch your little personality start to develop, I fall more in love with you every day. You are hilarious. You are turning into quite the stubborn little thing. And you laugh 97% of the day.

Here's what you've been up to this past month little one:

  • You started army crawling on November the 5th and you've been all over the place since. Then you started crawling on the 29th and I realized I hadn't seen anything yet. I haven't sat down in days!

  • You started clapping along with us on the 17th. It is adorable! You also clap when you get really excited.

  • You are trying so, so hard to pull up on stuff. You've got the right idea and can grab onto a surface, but you can't quite get your legs under you yet. It's not far off though!

  • You constantly say "dada" and "mama". You say "mama" the most when you're upset, don't want to be in the bed, or are hungry. I'm not sure you realize who we are yet, but you know that the "mama" sound gets you taken care of that's for sure. I love hearing you call out "mama", even if it is still just a noise.

  • You are officially after the cat. You're actually obsessed with him. If you hear him walk by, you will not chill out til you find him. You are this ll close to crawling out of the tub to get him. We're still working on "soft touch" when you reach for him though.

  • You play with the dogs more now. Especially Lacy. You like to rub on her nose and pat her on the head. You still don't like when they get in your face though.

  • *Ignore the outfit please! It was one of those days where we went through multiple outfits!*
  • You are getting very good at feeding yourself finger foods. You don't quite have the "pincer" grasp down though. You usually end up with your whole hand in your mouth.

  • On November 20th, you started giving me big, wet, sloppy kisses, I'll ask for "sugar" and you put a full on mouth plant on me. You don't do this consistently, but you're getting better.

  • You can almost wave "bye-bye". Almost. You usually wave your arm back and forth about waist high. You get the concept, just don't quite have the follow through. But you're so close.

  • You've figured out that toys don't disappear just because you can't see them. We play the dropping and picking up the toy game a very big portion of the day. And if we try to hide a toy? Yea right. You know right where it is. You'll also pull a rug to bring a toy closer. Smart girl.

  • You are obsessed with phones and remotes. You light up and start laughing when I talk on the phone. I think it's because you think your Daddy is always on the other end since we played him on speaker phone for so long while we lived in two different places.

  • You can easily get from sitting up to crawling. You can almost get from your tummy to sitting up. You get up on your side and hold yourself up with one arm and then you just can't get all the way. Almost though.

  • You "pose" like nobody's business. You lay on your side and just smile. It cracks me up. We call it your "model pose".

  • You celebrated Thanksgiving with your extended family and you completely won everyone over. I'm not at all surprised. You are just such a happy baby.

  • You climb all over us. If we're on the floor, you're in our lap, in our faces, everywhere. If we're trying to change you, you'll try to climb up our arms and off the table. You give us a daily workout.

  • You are beyond obsessed with your soccer rattle. But we currently can't find it so we've substituted it for another one and you're fine with that. I think you just like having a rattle. You are also obsessed with your Wubbie. It's the only paci you'll take now. You have to have it to go to sleep. You love rubbing the little animal to soothe yourself to sleep.

  • You still only have your bottom two teeth. I don't see any signs of any new ones coming.

  • As much as you look just like your Dad, you seem to have my smile and my hair. The smile might be a good thing, but I apologize for the super fine hair. =(

  • You love playing in your bouncer. You're also quite hilarious in it.

  • You are VERY hard to bathe. You try to climb over the duck's head, out the tub, over the side, and you pull up on our arms every time we go to wash you. I think we're about done with the infant tub.

  • You are in to everything. You've figured out how to pull your toy baskets down. That's the reason your room is never clean anymore...

  • You're still pulling down your bumper pads and peering out. You do that most of the time when you're supposed to be napping.

  • You and your Daddy love to play "Rocketship". You laugh so hard!

  • You're starting to pull your bows off when I put them on. :( Actually any hat doesn't stand a chance. I need your hair to grow so you don't have to have the headband!

  • You are such a joy sweet girl. I'm so excited to see what you get into this next month! But you need to start napping again so I'll have the energy to chase you around.

    Just saying.

    We sure do love you Baby Girl.

    *I had the wrong age. Major Mom Fail.*


    d.a.r. said...

    Seriously, she is just beyond beautiful!!! What a happy baby!

    Heather said...

    She is gorgeous! And very smart too, of course!

    Jenni@Story of My Life said...

    Oh, those cheeks, those cheeks!!!!! :) :) :)

    Rachel said...

    I am not playing around when I say you have a beautiful baby...she is just gorgeous...that smile...and those cheeks!! I don't think she could be any cuter. You and your hubby have good genes :)

    Carrie said...

    I died at the 9 months! I was like, huh! I have enjoyed watching her grow up for the past 8 months!

    Virginia Belle said...

    She is absolutely adorable and such a happy baby. Happy 8 months BG!

    Annie said...

    she is seriously one of the cutest babies i have seen in a long time!!
    her cheeks get me every time ;) they are adorable!
    happy 8 months to your precious little BG!! who i agree, is growing up way too quick!

    Kara said...

    I really enjoyed your post, and especially the 9 month sign. Keeping it real! Love it!

    Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

    she is getting too big! make her stop! such a little sweetie. gosh she is gorgeous!


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