Friday, December 10, 2010

not such a fun first.

So yesterday, BG and I are hanging out playing learning new life skills on the floor, when the phone rings.

When Mr. P was living up in SC and BG and I were still back home, we used to call him every night at dinner time and set the phone on the counter so he could talk to her while she ate. She loved it. She was fascinated by this little box that her Daddy's voice came out of.

That fascination has not ebbed in the slightest.

Any time you're on the phone, she's after it. She will crawl up you now (yay for learning that trick), and giggle and laugh until it's easier to just get off the phone because you can no longer hear the person on the other end.

Back to my story..

I'm sitting there talking to my Mom when BG starts her tree climbing move and grabs for the phone.

I tell her no and set her on the floor.

I see her little lip start to tremble and her face get a bit red but then nothing.

So I go back to talking on the phone. Mom wanted to "talk" to BG so I put it on speaker phone.

In less than two seconds, she had snaked her little hand over and grabbed the phone.

I took it back and told her "no".

At this point she's on all fours crawling at me. As soon as I told her "no", she let out a piercing scream that I've only heard on National Geographic channel and threw her head down on her hand.

Uh, seriously?

She looks at me and has tears pouring out of her eyes. Her face is as red as Santa's suit. I am in shock.

She goes for the phone again (not crying as she reaches for it) and when I pull it back, BAM! Head on her hands, butt in the air, screaming in to the carpet.

At this point, it's comical. But at the same time I'm thinking "what the heck? Isn't this way too soon for her to be throwing fits?!".

Goes for the phone again, I tell her "no", same thing.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I got off the phone at this point to deal with my child who is still dramatically throwing her head into her hands and screaming.

I actually Skyped my parents so they could see this foolishness in the flesh. Y'all. It was ridiculous.

Ay yi yi. I'm hoping this was just a "I'm ridiculously tired because I've janked up my nap schedule by, oh, not taking them and this is the only way I can tell you that I'm overly tired and cranky" meltdown and not an everyday occurrence.

She already won't let me rock her anymore. You have to still act cute BG if you won't let me snuggle.

That's the rule.


Muffy said...

That is WILD! Hope this phase passes!!! HAHA!

Sara said...

Oh, goodness! And, she looks so sweet and unassuming... Perhaps she'll have a flair for the dramatic and be an actress... Hope this passes for your sake. :)

Kara said...

Sarah wants to tap on my laptop! Sounds fun! thank you for your words and advice about my dog, I REALLY appreciate it and you truly make me feel reassured that we are making the right decision. Thanks again.

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I've heard this stage is a tough one. Some hit it as early as 5 months. We aren't there yet, but I can imagine it is difficult...and hilarious all at the same time. Hang in there!

~Ashlea~ said...

Oh yes, I know this all too well. We made the mistake of letting our first son hold our cellphones and "talk" to everyone. We learned our lesson the hardway after having a couple of phones ruined by slobber damage!! We vowed not to make the same mistake again but our 9 month old is determined to snatch the phone away anytime you talk on it! He pitches a fit when you tell him no or pull it away from him!

Good luck!!


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