Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not so long ago okay last month before it got ridiculous cold, I took BG out on our little back porch to play with some bubbles my friend KW gave her.

So far in her short little life, BG does not seem to be a fan of getting dirty. She didn't want to sit in the pumpkin patch, not a huge fan of playing in the grass, stares at her fingers in disgust when they have something on them, etc.

Add not a fan of bubbles popping on her to that list.

Case in point; she's giving this bubble the stank eye.

Trying to keep them from popping on her. And can we take a look at those thighs?! Delicious!

By the end, she was a bit more into it and was giggling as they popped on her.

I sure hope she's not super girly. How's that going to work with her being a major soccer star?


Kara said...

I just watched your advanced baby clap! ;) She is so cute!

Lauren said...

Too cute!!!!!! :)

Unknown said...

What a cutie! Little M is obsessed with bubbles these days. And I have to say that I am so jealous of BG's size. I always wanted a little chubby baby!!!! Her thighs really are just the best thing ever!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Hahaha her face is PRICELESS!! She really seems pretty peeved with those bubbles!! ;)

Sara said...

Those legs are pretty much the best thing ever!

Annie said...

sounds like you have a little miss priss!! i love it!!! ;)
and her legs, adorable!!

Virginia Belle said...

She is such a cutie and that face in the second to last picture is priceless.


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