Thursday, December 16, 2010

a first date.

Back when we were packing and getting ready to move on out of Coastal Town, my friend KT and I decided that we needed to get together for lunch and get our kiddos together for a bit.

So we met up for lunch and some girl talk. And the kiddos loved each other.

KT's little boy, T.

BG and her "necessities of life".

T taught BG how to pull up the tablecloth and look under. They did this for a good ten minutes.

She thought it was absolutely hilarious..

Us with our kiddos.

When we got to the cars, my lovely little darling car decided she didn't want to start.

Of course.

So KT and I attempted to jump it off. She drove her car, a 300M, over to where I was. We popped the hood and went looking for the battery.


Across the street, this man started hollering at us. I couldn't hear a word that he said so I sent KT closer to our side of the street to hear him.

"Your battery is in the trunk!" he hollered at us.

Well naturally I thought he was talking about the old school version of my car and I knew it was under the hood now, so I ignored him and kept looking for KT's battery.

He kept hollering at us.

Meanwhile I sent a text to Mr. Perfect with a picture of what I thought was the battery and asked him why I couldn't find the negative probe.

I quickly got a text back that said; "that's the fuse box".

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

KT's on the phone with her husband (who was no help!), I'm still digging for a battery, and that guy is still yelling at us. Finally we got that he was telling us the 300's battery was in the trunk. We walked to the back and dug strollers, clothes, probably a cat, out of her trunk. The whole time KT is muttering death threats to this guy if he's pulling our leg.

He wasn't. It's in the trunk.

Heads up to any of y'all wondering.

Fortunately we got the 'ol car jumped off and the kids were none the wiser. They got an extra twenty minutes to make eyes at each other across the backseat.

*Note to self: watch her in backseats..*


Anonymous said...

"Probably a cat..." Best line ever! Hands down. Glad the car is running again = )

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

That car story reminded me of something similar that happened to me in high school. Too funny! I'm glad you guys figured it out!


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