Monday, December 6, 2010

weekend wrap-up.

We had an absolute blast this weekend.

Mr. Perfect didn't have to work at all, so we jumped head first into some major Christmas activities.

Friday night we got bundled up and headed downtown to see our town's Christmas tree being lit. It. Was. Cold.

And BG looks Russian. Hmmm...

The tree all lit up. There were a ton of people out there.

Santa showed up but there were so many children and it was past BG's bed time so we didn't stick around to see him.

We got home and tried to take BG's pictures for her eight month photo shoot. It's not quite so easy anymore..

Saturday we lazed around the house and had a super quiet morning.

Well as quiet as it can be with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blaring in the background.

After nap time, we got BG all bundled up and took her to the mall for some Christmas shopping and to meet Santa.

While we were in line, we watched multiple children have meltdowns on Santa's lap. I just knew BG was going to be one of those since she was skipping her afternoon nap to meet the big guy. She laughed the whole time we were in line and charmed all the people around us. Then it came time to sit with Santa.

No smile. But no tears.

I'll take it. Santa even told me he preferred the good quiet kids when I picked her up.

Me too Santa, me too.

That night, Mr. P stayed home with BG for a while and let me run some errands without her. It was kind of nice to get out of the house without my 20 pound kiddo for a while. Amazing how quick I can get things done without the extra poundage.

And when I got home? He had delicious, warm soup waiting on me.

I do love that man.

Sunday we tried a new church up here. We didn't love it. But the nursery workers loved BG. Duh.

We played around for a bit that afternoon and let BG practice running from us. Good times.

Then we bundled up and headed out to the Christmas parade.

We had a good time, but it was so dang cold that we didn't stay long. We thought it better to hang out in our nice warm apartment.

I did anyway. I hate being cold.

I realize that I just quit complaining about being hot, but seriously. Where did my fall go?!?

Sunday night we hung around the house and got ready for our week. Not going to lie. I had a blast taking part in all the Christmas activities, but I got pretty bummed when we didn't like the church. I want to be at my own church during the holidays as we worship during this special time.

But it will be fine.

I absolutely loved starting new traditions with the little one though. And am so thankful that I have a husband that is willing to trug along to all the activities I plan.

Even if our eyelids freeze over while we partake in them.


Suze said...

I'm not a fan of cold but loving BG's smocked dresses SO cute! i agree about attending your own church during the holidays but new traditions are good too! hopefully, you will find a better church soon?! :)

Ashley said...

Fun holiday activities! I am terrified of taking Cooper to see Santa. I am so nervous he will freak out. Of course BG did a good job, that girl wouldn't mess up a photo op! Love her :) I'm sorry that y'all didn't like the new church. Finding a good fit is SO hard!

Meg said...

Sounds like so much fun! She has got to be one of the best dressed babies I have ever seen. She's such a cutie! =)

Newlywed Next Door said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Good luck finding a new church, I know how hard that can be. BG is so stinkin cute as a Russian, lol.

Annie said...

what a fun weekend! ya'll are so festive! i just love everything you dress her in!! and with those eyes and cheeks, she is just too stinkin' cute!!!

Hayley said...

Awesome weekend. I giggled all the way through this post of yours...very funny :-)


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