Sunday, May 22, 2011

project 365: week 20

Sunday, May 15th:
Fail. I am really, really bad at this.. oops.

Monday, May 16th:

BG and I headed to Atlanta to spend the day at the aquarium with some family who were in town. As luck would have it, we got to meet up with two of my very favorite bloggers/twitter pals for lunch before hand. We had such a great time. Tracy and Lyndsey are exactly what I expected and their kiddos were beyond precious. We loved getting to hang out with them. It just stinks we all live so far apart and can't hang out more!

Tuesday, May 17th:

This kid scares me to death with how she sleeps. And meet Max. She is terrified of 98% of the stuffed animals on the planet but she LOVES him. She's obsessed with the Grinch's dog. Nice.

Wednesday, May 18th:

My child; the hot mess. Nice of her Mom to let her go out like that huh?? Moving day makes me clothes lazy.

Thursday, May 19th:

We have a "playroom"/den in the new house. It's awesome. So we got the kiddo a table to color on, do puzzles on, etc. She chooses to climb on it and then attempt to stand and dance. Sweet... I didn't realize those genes could get passed down. Oops.

Friday, May 20th:
We've been moving this week so poor BG has really had to step up her independent play a bit. She's really good at this usually but it involves lots of throwing balls around and banging on pianos and such. She has this doll that she got for Christmas that giggles and whines and such and has a paci attached. Usually she likes to give the doll to me and get me to make it quiet while she claps and looks on. As I was walking out of our room and past her door, I looked in and saw her patting the doll and trying to give her her paci. She held her, she rocked her, and she even threw her up on her shoulder to pat her back. Once she got her "quiet", she sat with her and played with some other toys.

Y'all. I bawled. She's like a big girl now, playing with dolls and such. She played with that doll at her side for almost an hour with us just popping in to check on her. When did she get so big?!?

Great. I'm crying again.

Saturday, May 21st:

Yesterday was the hubs' birthday so BG and I had a few gifts and cards for him to open when he woke up. I love these two so much it hurts.

Yes.. Mr. P is trying to strangle her doll. It is pretty freaky y'all..


Gaby said...

she is a doll. and your outfit that mustard yellow is SO cute love it!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Happy belated bday to the hubs! I love that E is playing with dolls all on her own! So cute!!!


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