Tuesday, May 3, 2011

13 months

I guess since my "baby" is now thirteen months old, she's not really a baby anymore huh?

Whatever. She's still my baby.

So my dearest Baby Girl, what are you up to at thirteen months old?

You still aren't walking. You'll take a couple of steps on your own, but you are not a fan. You will however, walk forever if we let you walk with us holding on to our fingers. You actually will do that forever and get mad if we try to pick you up and carry you.

You are a VERY fast crawler. You can disappear in two seconds flat. It doesn't help that you're figuring out the doors. If a door isn't shut all the way, you get through it in seconds. You also now know what the door handles do. Unfortunately in the apartment, we have pull down handles that you actually can work. Good thing we're moving soon!

You are a good eater. You have started showing some preferences this month though. Some days you love eggs and chicken, then the next you're throwing it off your high chair. You'll skip some meals completely, but you make up for it at the next one. You love milk and water. That's all you really get to eat. And you will eat your weight in Goldfish. You LOVE them.

We're working on the "all done" sign now. You can do it but you prefer to just chuck your plate off the tray when you're done which is not okay. We're working on that one...

You just started giving us kisses again. We now get full on mouth kisses and we love it! You are also so loving. You like to nuzzle up against our necks for a big hug. You still won't "give love" to your stuffed animals or dolls. Well, except for Max. You big time love him.

You are a social butterfly. When ever I take you anywhere, you just wave and wave at every single person you pass. We never get out of anywhere without having to stop multiple times to talk to people. You just draw them in.

You are still pretty shy though. When those people come up to us, you cuddle against me until you are completely comfortable. I'm actually pleased that you have some stranger anxiety. You need it to counteract all the waving!

You're more interested in books lately. I pulled some into the living room and you'll run over to them, say "book!" and just thumb through them for the longest time. You've also started sitting down with me long enough to read a few pages. I love that time with you.

You love to play "Where's Ella?". You get a big kick of hiding under your blanket and popping out at us. You just laugh and laugh.

You talk A LOT. You make all kinds of noises just to make them, but you also say "Mama", "Dada", "da-da" (cat), "dog" or "doggie", "book", "ba" (bath), "bye bye", "ball", "baaa" (what does the sheep say?), "uh-oh", "du" (duck), and "no no". You've got a lot to say!

You call all cats "dada!". If you see any cat, you call it that. You can point them out in a book and if we say "who says 'meow'?", you say "dada". Not sure where you picked this up but it's hilarious!

When we ask you, "What does a dog do?", you pant. So funny.

You still aren't hugely into tv or anything. You just will not sit still for anything. I can occasionally turn on a Baby Einstein dvd and you'll watch for a few minutes, but not the whole dvd. You are just TOO busy!


Height: Around 31 inches

Weight: Around 26 pounds

Sleeps: Goes to bed around 7 at night and sleeps til about 8:30 every morning. Sometimes you get up around 6 or so and hang out with your Dad while he gets ready. Still taking two naps a day. Recently your morning nap is about 2 hours and afternoon nap is around an hour.

Clothes: Size 18 months and some 24 months

Diaper: Size 4 Pampers Cruisers during the day, and Overnights size 5 at night

Toys you are loving: your alphabet train that you can walk behind, Noah's Ark Little People, your piano Uncle Marine got you for your birthday, balls, books, and some puzzles.

Food: faves; green beans, peas, cheese, eggs with cheese (not plain!), bread (any kind), chicken, bananas, avacados.

Drinks: milk for breakfast and dinner, water during the day

This month has been quite the doozy at times as you are developing quite the head strong little personality, but you are just such a joy that we still have to remind ourselves that we really are this lucky, you really are our child! I hope you stay this outspoken and independent darling, but you could give me a break every now and then!

We adore you little one.


Jen Watts said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!

Suze said...

AWE love love the outfit too! BG is absolutely darling by the minute ! I hope things are well your way!!!! xx

Kara said...

I love the picture in your post below from April 26. Sounds like you are really busy. I guess I could do a post for Sarah even though I didn't take a picture today. sigh...

Unknown said...

Oh she is just such a cutie :-) and I love that her and jayci seem so alike in their personalities!

Unknown said...

Umm, I love that Ella weighs just a pound less than Little M, haha...I've got to feed my peanut more candy!


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