Friday, May 13, 2011

giggles & tidbits.

Because of the issues with Blogger, this post got deleted on Wednesday. Since it puts a big 'ol smile in my face (rare today in the midst of a packing nightmare), I'm putting it back up. My girl thinks it's hilarious that she has stinky feet.. Silly.

So what else is going on here??

We're moving. Again.

Bah humbug.

I loathe packing. Loathe it. I get all gung ho about it at first, then it loses appeal and my house sits half packed/half unpacked. Because half of my stuff is in boxes laying all around, I can't really clean so it's a disaster of epic proportions here.

Good times.

Fortunately we're getting out of our too tiny two bedroom apartment with our animal hoarding, pot smoking neighbors (cranky much?) into a real house. With a real yard and everything!

Angels are singing.

In other not so funny but this is real life news, my child is on a nap strike. It's my own fault really. I got all cocky Mama on Twitter the other day with the "is it possible my child sleeps too much?" question, and then either my child read my tweets or one of my Twitter friends emailed her about what I said. Because currently? she doesn't sleep too much. In fact she's all "I'll show you" and isn't sleeping enough. And when someone doesn't sleep enough, someone gets whiny. Big time.

She is her mother's daughter.

Nothing makes packing even more joyous than a cranky baby. Le sigh.

But in YAY news; my kiddo is walking!!!

She's been taking steps for a few weeks now but would promptly sit down when she realized she wasn't holding on to anything. Well not anymore.

The other day while we were meeting at the new house with our new landlord, she simply let go of my fingers and walked to the lady. A good 10 + steps!! Then to the delight of all three of us, she just put on quite the show walking all over the place. She was so cute!!

Perhaps her new found mobility (which since returning to the apartment she only busts out when SHE wants to) is also screwing around with her sleep. Who knows.

I just want to be out of boxes. Good thing I kind of dig unpacking.

How do I just skip forward a few days and get to that part?!


Rachel said...

THAT VIDEO! I am cracking up watching her. She can barely breath she's laughing so hard. I love it! I really hope I get to meet that cutie pie (and her momma!) once I move down that way :)

lg2006 said...

She is so HAPPY! That is precious! PB has not laughed like that in a while. Could be his perpetual ear infection :( When do we see pics of the new house? I feel your pain on moving as I have done a lot of it in my day, but I always love the unpacking and fixing up a new place part! I think it is also the reason I store EVERYTHING in rubbermaid tubs, so when we move that stuff is already packed!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

That video ALMOST makes me want to have another one. I love babies.


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