Wednesday, December 7, 2011

goings on.

Our computer is still broke. Not only is our computer broken, but Mr. P's Netbook crapped out too. So guess who has no way of uploading pictures? This girl. I can't even tell you the anxiety this is giving me. There is so much I want to blog but can't because there are no pictures. Plus, its kind of sad what I cannot remember without the picture to jog my brain. All this to say, expect blog overload when a computer returns to mi casa.

Speaking of a computer (yes, I am obsessed), Mr. P and I have just about decided that that is going to be ChrIstmas gift to each other this year. Truth be told, it is what we really NEED so maybe we should just do that. But I REALLY want a Life Planner too. Le sigh... We shall see.

Not sure if I have mentioned it, but BG is still rocking double ear infection. Yes, the same way she was diagnosed with back in October. My poor child. Last week, I got a call from her teacher about 30 minutes after dropped her off at school. Ms. B (teacher) thought that perhaps BG was rocking a case of pink eye. I had noticed that morning that her eye was a tad earlier than usual and she had rubbed it enough to cut her eyelid. But it looked like an allergy eye to me so I took her to school. Anyway, thanks to the advice of my girls on Twitter, I went ahead and took her in to the doc (I had zero clue about pink eye in humans, only animals. Oops).

Fortunately, she did not have the stank eye, but was still rocking those ear infections. We are trying our third round of antibiotics. Only reason he hasn't se t her to an ENT already is because she has never had an infection before this. But if it doesn't clear up after this, we're off to the big ear guy.

This past weekend with my girl was pure perfection. She was really calm and quiet (dang ears), which never happens so I got a lot of cuddle time. Lots of reading and watching some tv. It was awesome. My child is awesome. She just cracks me up. She laughs so much and will do anything to make us laugh. I am so in love with the little girl she is becoming.

We're pretty low key here holiday wise. My house is still not decorated. Somehow I am not freaking out. We don't have a tree yet. But that's on the agenda for this weekend. I'm trying not to freak. I just want to enjoy this time with my little family.

This is probably full of typos. I can't do blogging on a tablet. I need a computer....


Suze said...

Hey girl I'm sorry E has double ear infection! I had those a lot as a child and if y'all are sent to ent guy I will recommend my own! He is the best hands down :) I hope she feels better and you get a computer soon :)

Maria said...

Umm, my son's ear infection is back too! WTH! He's on his 3rd antibiotic too and hopefully this will kick the infection's behind! Good luck with BG; hope she starts to feel better soon! I'm praying for no tubes!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I'm sorry about those ear infections :-( Sounds like seeing an ENT is a good idea. And I know what you mean about having your memory jogged by photos - it's a good thing that I have a camera on this trip, otherwise I'm sure that I would forget a lot of what has happened!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double ear infection that sticks but hopefully it will clear up soon.

Jillian said...

I hope your computer gets fixed soon and your little girl too!


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