Sunday, December 11, 2011

the rest of turkey day 2011.

It was pretty nice to have a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home. No dressing up, no extra noise, and the ability to keep all the leftovers to myself. yep. I said it.

But we did miss our family. So the following weekend, we headed down to Mr. P's parents' house to spend some time with his family.

BG had a blast playing with her cousins. We rarely get to see these girls so it was so much fun to get all of them together. This was the first time they all met. Thank goodness they all got along...
IMG_7489Picnik collagegirls

After nap time and some fun times swimming in Granny's jacuzzi (for the little ones, not this girl), I managed to drag everyone outside for a few family pictures. Trust me, they were thrilled.

Mr. P's cousin and his family only stayed the one day but we stuck around because my Dad was coming through town on his way home from Savannah. So much family!

We met my Dad and my little brother's girlfriend for lunch in town.

I had big plans to try and take our family's Christmas card picture while we had some family around to take it. However, Mr. P and BG obviously had different plans as he didn't bring any clothes and she was just plain out uncooperative.
Picnik collagefamphoto

We did manage to get one picture that was halfway decent. Thank goodness.

Then I tried to get one of BG with her Dad and both granddads. Ha. My kid is such a ham.
Picnik collagedadsIMG_7577

She's crazy y'all. She then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon running around the porch, pushing people in rocking chairs while screaming "rocky! rocky!", making faces through the storm door and banging away on the piano.

Never a dull moment.

Eventually it was time for Pops (my Dad) to hit the road so the three of us decided to head on out too.

Fortunately, thanks to all that good grandparent loving, BG was out before we even got on the interstate. Score.


A.B. said...

OMG. BG's thanksgiving outfits. TOO CUTE. That smocked top? adorbs! The turkey shirt, I die! The onesie hanging out of her jeans? PERFECTION.

Jennifer said...

I love her smocked turkey top! Was that a dress last year?
I also recognize that little photo shot from a sweet Christmas card that made my day! Thank you :)

Ashley E. said...

She is so precious!!! I love her little outfits!

Jillian said...

That picture up against the window? Hilarious! And you look great!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

I love that you owned the leftovers thing. Not having to travel + as much stuffing as your heart (stomach) desires = my version of holiday heaven.

And that photo of BG making a mug against the glass is just too funny. Too bad she's not a ham.


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