Friday, December 9, 2011

savannah trip.

Guess who has a new computer?!?!

Yea, so let's play catch up shall we?

Last month (ay yi yi), BG and I decided to take a little weekend trip back home. I've mentioned on here that my Grandma is battling cancer, so we decided to take a trip to check in on her. Plus? Mr. P had to work all weekend and I really missed my bff's so...

My best friend since 5th grade invited us to come stay the weekend with her. Um okay. So we packed up and hit the road when I got off work Friday evening.

It's easy to roadtrip at night with BG because she will sleep the entire way. Awesome. We didn't even stop. Of course she was wired when we got to C's house so that was fun.

Saturday we headed to lunch with two of my favorite ladies and little T. BG was thrilled to see her little boyfriend that she hasn't seen since April!

It's pretty hard to catch up with two very active toddlers around, but we did our best and included lots of laughter. Man have I missed these ladies.

IMG_7334 love this. IMG_7340IMG_7343IMG_7344

We spent a few hours with my grandparents and aunt Saturday afternoon but then headed back to C's for dinner, drinks, lots of laughs and movies. There are few things on this planet that I love more than down time with my girlfriends. They so feed my soul.

Sunday we got up bright and early thanks to BG and C's two kiddos. After breakfast and cartoons, BG and I headed back into town to eat lunch with my grandparents.


Yes, she was over it by this point. She did not sleep well at C's at all. Le sigh..

Before heading out of town, we hit the beach for a few hours with C and the kiddos. Unfortunately BG was done son by this point and it was just about a disaster. If the water hit her; she cried. Sand on her hands? Disaster. Drink spilled? O.M.G.
Can you see the meltdown face??? Because I can still hear those cries...
IMG_7363IMG_7370 Meltdown.

Fortunately C's boyfriend joined us for a bit and BG quickly decided he was the bee's knees and decided to act like a human being for a while.

But only if he was holding her. Fun.


Eventually we had to tear ourselves away and head home. Sob. Unfortunately we got about two hours down the road when I remembered that I had left all of BG's meds back at C's house. Not okay. Fortunately C's friend met us about halfway with her meds. That just lead to Meltdown 2.0 when BG saw him and realized he was not coming with us.

But we made it home. And I'm dying to go back.


Lindsay said...

I've always wanted to go to Savannah!

And that last picture of BG....ADORBS!!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Lindsays comment above. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Savannah.
BG? Absolutely adorable and I love the picture of you two together. So pretty ;)

Jennifer said...

I agree with Lindsays comment above. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Savannah.
BG? Absolutely adorable and I love the picture of you two together. So pretty ;)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Those pictures are so great. Did you take them all? Some of them look like advertisements for magazines! BG is such a sweetie - I love the pictures of her on the beach, even if she was having a meltdown :-)

The only time that I've been to Savannah was with Chris when we took my FIL's car to be serviced. That was about 4 1/2 years ago, and pretty much all I remember was the Lexus dealership! I would love to go again, though, and maybe we'll get the chance this time around :-)

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Ah, the toddler tempest mood swings. Aren't they fun? That wonderful last photo of BG exactly sums up the 'tude mine gets as well on those days.

So glad you got both a trip home and a shiny new computer!


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