Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: a look back

I'm kind of in awe that I'm writing a look back at 2011 when I can distinctly remember just writing 2010s. This is insane. So for grins and giggles, lets look back shall we? I loved doing this in 2009 and 2010 so here we go again. This year was kind of a doozy. And to be honest? As it ends, there is still so, so much up in the air. I'm actually ready for 2011 to be over. I'm going to need some answers and some closure in 2012, please and thank you? But at the same time, 2011 was sort of awesome. So many changes. Some good, some bad. It will be interesting to see what happens next... January: We started the year quietly, in our tiny little apartment, just the three of us and the pets. I set some 2011 goals, that I didn't do too bad on. Could always do better, but at least it wasn't a total fail. My little one turned 9 months old. I started Project 365. We had our first snow day which was HUGE to this Georgia girl.We ventured to the park for the first time and the little one got to check out the swings which she loved. I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers in person and began what has become an "in real life" friendship. We headed down to Savannah for a big 'ol visit home.
Bryan, Ella, & Megan  1-30-11 (2)
February: BG had her first real sick day. Boo. BG turned 10 months old. We celebrated the little's first Valentine's Day. BG and I had a couple of really fun park play dates. BG and I made the trek up to Maryland with Uncle Marine to spend some time with Nonny and Pops.
Ella  2-2-11
March: BG turned 11 months old. As BG's first birthday drew closer and closer, I got all kinds of reflective about my first year with her. We went on our first family trip to the zoo. BG and I went to Savannah for her first St. Patrick's Day and had an absolute blast. I spent the month getting ready for BG's first birthday and trying not to lose my mind. I got to meet Anne for the first time and begin another great friendship thanks to blog land. I decided it was time to get the baby weight off for good and joined Weight Watchers.
Ella  3-18-11 (5)
April: My sweet, sweet girl turned one. We threw an amazing party to celebrate the first year of her life and were surrounded by our amazing family and friends. The little started taking some hesitant steps. Mr. P and I struggled to find our family a new church home in our new state. We celebrated BG's second "first" Easter. BG and I got up really early to watch THE WEDDING. We went down to Georgia for a big 'ol celebration of April birthdays with AP's family. We took our first family hike.
Bryan, Ella, & Megan  4-24-11 (5)
May: BG turned 13 months old. I celebrated my second Mother's Day. BG started walking more and more! Mr. P and I celebrated our sixth anniversary. We moved. Again. Mr. P celebrated his 34th birthday. BG and I headed down to Georgia to go to the aquarium with family and also got to meet up with Lyndsey and Tracy and their sweet kiddos. My family came up to celebrate Memorial Day with us in South Carolina. I hit eleven pounds down thanks to Weight Watchers.
Ella  5-1-11 (10)
June: BG is now 14 months old. We headed south to BG's buddy's birthday party and then north to a wedding all in one weekend. Mr. P celebrated his second Father'sDay. We found out my sweet Grandma had stomach cancer. I took a leap of faith and began taking pictures of people that were not my family. I went back to work part-time.
July: We traveled down to Florence to spend some time with Uncle Marine as he began to get ready to head overseas again. BG is 15 months old. We had an incredible Fourth of July weekend. We checked out the splash pad for the first time. BG's fierce love of accessories and all things "girl" exploded. We switched BG to forward facing in the car and she LOVES it.
August: BG is now 16 months old. We did whatever we could to survive the hot summer days. I continued to lose weight slowly but surely on Weight Watchers. We went to a "Princess Night" and BG loved it big time. I left BG for the first time to head home for my high school reunion and my Mom came down to hang out with her for the weekend.
September: 17 months. Hold me. I turned 29. Hold me again. We took BG to see Sesame Street Live. Mr. P and I had a long overdue "date day". Mr. P traveled to Orlando for a week for work. We headed to Savannah for a second birthday party and some family time. I went to a "tweet up" in Atlanta and got to meet one of my blog "besties" for the first time.
October: Uncle Marine headed back overseas. BG's sitter went back to work and she started attending a "real" daycare for the first time. I also redid her room to a big girl room. The little is now 18 months old. We ventured to the pumpkin patch. We let BG attempt pumpkin painting for the second year in a row. We went to Boo in the Zoo. BG got her first ear (double) infection. We ventured to another pumpkin patch (and another). We celebrated Halloween.
November: BG and I checked out the Balloon Festival here in town. She turned 19 months. We checked out Cabbage Patch Land with AP. BG got diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease. BG and I made another Savannah trip. We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving just the three of us. We got to spend some time with my Dad, Mr. P's parents and Mr. P's cousin who lives overseas and his family Thanksgiving weekend.
December: We kicked off the Christmas festivities with our town's Christmas Tree Lighting and Christmas parade. I now have a 20 month old. We went to see Santa. We picked out our perfect (?) Christmas tree. BG had her first hair cut. BG had her first Christmas program at school. We celebrated Christmas here a few days early and then headed to Savannah for a few days. BG came down with RSV and Mr. P is battling some sort of yuckies. It's New Years Eve and I'm watching tv and drinking some wine while my sickos rest.
2011 is done son. Looking back, it's been an amazing year. I am ready for 2012 though. Bring on the clean slate! Happy New Year to you all!


Anne said...

Your sweet girl has grown up SO much this year! Unbelievable. So thankful for your precious family. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Not to be super-vain, but I LOVE each outfit you have on in all of your pictures. You're gorgeous!

Gina said...

You have a beautiful family and I love this recap!!

A.B. said...

beautiful family. Love the reflection.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Fabulous recap, and merry 2012!

PS - that photo of BG coming down the slide with that big ol' smile just kills me.

Ashley E. said...

Okay, don't take this the wrong way, but wow! You have transformed since January! You look amazing girl! And BG is CUTE as always! I hope 2012 is easier for you. :)

Belle on Heels said...

I cannot believe how much she has grown up this year. That is just crazy!

And you, WHOA, lady! You became a skinny minnie this year. Looking zexxy!


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