Thursday, December 1, 2011

what she's like.

Every single day, BG makes us laugh with the things she comes up with. She is FULL of personality. She is dramatic and silly and sweet and outgoing all at the same time. She never meets a stranger. The other day we were at the store trying on coats and I turned away for two seconds to hang a coat, only to look back down to find BG had walked a few steps away to an older lady and was reaching her arms out to her to hold her. So that's not good... She is such a joy to be around. You can't help but laugh when you're with her.

She has always had a lot to say, but now she seems to understand so much more of what she is saying. Just some of the things we hear on a daily basis...

"Hold Me"
She says this when she wants me to hold her. I can never turn this request down.

"Bwess you!"
She says this anytime anyone around her sneezes. And if she sneezes and you don't say it, she'll turn to you and say "BWESS YOU!" until you say it to her.

"Thank You"
Every single time you hand her something, she will say thank you. Even if she is bawling her eyes out, if you give her something, she will stop long enough to say thank you. Love this.

"Ah phone"
Not sure what the "ah" is for but she tends to add it to the beginning of a word when she wants something. If she wants her phone, she'll hold her hand out and says "ah phone". A spoon? "ah spoon". Milk? "ah milk!".

"I Ove You"
Melt my heart. Sometimes it comes out just "love you". Now we're working on adding the Mommy and Daddy. That just might slay me.

Her color of choice for everything. She can say the others but only after calling it "bwue" first.

She likes to come grab your finger if you're sitting down and pull it while saying "up!". This can mean one of two things; she either wants you to get up and come look at something or she wants you to get up and hold her. If it is the latter, once you get up, you'll be greeted by the outstretched arms and the "hold me".

She loves to say her name and tell you how old she is. She can count to three (although she stumbles on three). She is very good with her alphabet (her favorite letter is "double u").

Her animal sounds are hilarious. She has recently decided she has to go to bed with a book. And she says "bye bye" when you leave her room at night and gets louder and louder til she dissolves in a fit of giggles (Mr. P eggs it on by hollering it back to her every time).

She never sits still. Ever. She has to be strapped down to eat or she won't sit still long enough. She loves Elmo, but on the tablet or phone. She rarely will even sit still long enough to watch him on tv anymore.

She is a big time Daddy's girl. She adores that man. But when she's super tired or sleepy? Its all about Mommy.

She is so full of joy. We just love her so much.



Jennifer said...

Seriously, Megan, she and BK are SO much alike! I feel like I could have written this post. We have to let those girls play together :)

Ashley said...

Such a sweet girl! I loved this post about her cute personality. And that picture? Oh my word, her eyes! She's so adorable!

Sara said...

She's changing so much in to a little girl!

Maria said...

Oh man, she is awesome! Gives me so much to look forward to; I always think "it can't possibly get any better than this" and then it does!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

You taught her "thank you" already - color me very, very impressed!

That is one amazing photo of BG and her baby blues - well done you.


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