Thursday, December 29, 2011


So we've started trying time-out.

I'm not here to discuss discipline methods or what is right and wrong, I'm just trying to figure out what is right for us.

Now we're not above spanking. I got spanked. Mr. P got spanked and we both turned out fine. But... I don't think spanking is the answer for everything.

So we're trying time out.

Apparently BG goes in time-out at school, or has seen other kids do it because she totally knows what it is.

She'll go right into that corner and stick that little nose against the wall. Then she'll start side eyeing you. Based on how you appear during that side glance, she'll either start giggling, or crying. And when I say crying, I mean a break your heart "Mommy..." with a shaky bottom lip.

Oh yea. She's totally playing us.

But it's sort of working. After she gets out, she'll come running to us and say "I sorry Mama" or "I sorry Daddy" and we talk about why she went into time out. I think she gets it. I do.

Then tonight, she got popped on the bottom. It was actually a little play pop from Mr. P to tell her to get out of the fridge. It actually was more of an attention getter than anything. No sooner had he done it than she whipped around, pointed that little finger at him and said "Uh uh!!".

How do you keep a straight face with that?!?!?

She's a spit fire. That's for sure. And while I love her spirit, I know it has to be guided. So we're figuring out how... daily. By trial and error. Good times.
So time out. How do we keep her still in that corner. And how do we not laugh when she is such a ham?!? Even when she's getting in trouble!


Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

I don't really have any help for you but can commiserate! It is SO hard for me to not laugh. I mean I just can't help it! I know I'm not supposed to and I'm not doing anyone any favors but gosh. It's just so freaking funny. Discipline is and will continue to be one of my biggest parenting challenges! The strong-willed babies we have... God bless em!

Shannon Dew said...

I wish that time out worked for KP but she doesn't get it. I tried setting up her pack n play for time outs and she's just like ??? so I have no advice, LOL. I know we aren't above spanking but I think right now they are too little, you know? Fun times with toddlers!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I am the worst at not laughing! We have moved on to bedroom time outs if a regular corner timeout doesn't work and that seems to be working...but E is still a little young for that. No doubt this parenting stuffnis hard!

Ashley said...

Cooper MELTS DOWN when he has to go in time out. I mean, screaming, huge tears, lots of obvious anger. And even with all that? I laugh. I can't help it! I guess if I didn't laugh, I'd cry. I think, at their age, it's just about consistency. And maybe you and Mr. P can trade off when one of you starts laughing. I make Lee stand by C during time outs because he doesn't laugh. But, E obviously gets why she is in time out if she is apologizing after, so I think y'all are on the right track! I'm not above spanking either, but I fear that it will teach him to hit, so we haven't gone that route yet. Although it HAS been warranted. Trust me!

Sara said...

I just know that our little one will be so strong-willed when she grows up. with us as her parents there's no way she won't be! And, I really appreciate how you mention guiding her spirit since it's so important to let them have that part of their personality.

Jennifer said...

I need to read up about discipline. We are having a hard time getting Sawyer to listen!

Ashley said...

Yall are such great parents! She is such a trip. I don't see how you can even discipline her at all. I'd just crack up at her little personality! : )


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