Sunday, September 23, 2012

a big 'ol catch up

So I sort of fell off the project 365 bandwagon. Kind of.

I've still been taking my pictures just not posting them. So here goes a big 'ol P365 catch up. I realize no one reads these but I LOVE looking back at there so we are doing it anyway.


Sunday, August 19th: We took a walk down to feed the ducks at our favorite park while Nonny was here for a visit.
Monday, August 20th: Yogurt date.
Tuesday, August 21st: I guess she was trying to cool off?!
Wednesday, August 22nd: Daddy's idea of getting ready for bed and Mommy's idea are clearly very different. I prefer not getting her riled up but apparently that's just me. ;)
Thursday, August 23rd: A little treat for after school.
Friday, August 24th: It was "yellow day" at school and this one was pretty excited.
Saturday, August 25th: How we do breakfast around here..
Sunday, August 26th: She may not be wearing any pants, but at least her accessories are cool.
Monday, August 27th: At the park with her bff.
Tuesday, August 28th: Doing a little bathroom reading. No lie, she asks to read Field & Stream while "going". Odd kid she is.
Wednesday, August 29th: Playing with her buddy.
Thursday, August 30th: Saying goodbye to the squirrel before sending it to wildlife rehab.
Friday, August 31st: After the Midnight Flight. So glad we finished!
Saturday, September 1st: "Watching" the Clemson game with friends.

Sunday, September 2nd: Lunch after church.
Monday, September 3rd: Gah. These two..
Tuesday, September 4th: We were supposed to be packing. This is what we were doing.
Wednesday, September 5th: We got to go meet BG's former teachers' little baby. BG was smitten, of course.
Thursday, September 6th: At the park with her bff again.
Friday, September 7th: My favorite coworker and I on my last day :(
Saturday, September 8th: ...and we're in the country now.
Sunday, September 9th: On the way home from our first day at the new church.
Monday, September 10th: My Georgia girl at her new home in South Carolina.
Tuesday, September 11th: Happy 30th to me!
Wednesday, September 12th: My sweet, sweet baby. I love watching her sleep (cue creepy Mom alert).
Thursday, September 13th: We were in town for four days before we had car trouble. Good thing we found a decent car shop pretty quickly. BG was making sure they didn't jack our car.
Friday, September 14th: We ran out of ideas for fun things to do so we made our own rainshower in the shower. This entertained her for 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES people. That's huge.
Saturday, September 15th: Riding the school bus while Mommy shopped.

Sunday, September 16th: Modeling her new jammies. Pretty sure they are "boy" jammies but she loved that they had "Blue" on them.
Monday, September 17th: Oh look, "Blue" again.
Tuesday, September 18th: It was a rainy day outside, so we built our first fort inside. Win.
Wednesday, September 19th: A very early morning "Princess" play date.
Thursday, September 20th: Scariest looking cookie ever but she loved it.
Friday, September 21st: A little bit of "school" time.
Saturday, September 22nd: Helping watching Daddy clean out the garage.


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