Monday, September 3, 2012

summer days driftin' away...

Well I guess we just closed the book on another hot, hot summer here in South Carolina. Sigh...

While I'm beyond ready for jeans and boots and football and Halloween, okay, everything about Fall, I'm a tad sad to see those lazy summer afternoons come to an end. Afternoons spent at the park or the splash pad or out on the boat.

Not only is summer ending, but our time here in the Upstate is quickly drawing to a close forcing me to be all "we have to do (insert activity) one more time!" and dragging Mr. P along for the ride. Thank goodness he's usually a willing participant.

As is typical with any "ending" per se, I find myself wondering if we did enough, if we were outside enough, if we took BG to do enough (I'm a worrier, it's what I do), if we participated in enough activities.

Then I tell myself to chill out. Because we did everything we could to live up this summer. We played at the park. We played at the splash pad. We took trips to Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Savannah. We went out on the boat. We fed the ducks. We went on lots of runs with our best friends. We laughed. We played. We had an absolute blast.

I'm going to go ahead and call this summer a win. Even if we didn't pack every day with Pinterest worthy activities, we got outside and enjoyed ourselves. We played hard and laughed even harder. We did the things that BG loves while also doing what we enjoy. We had a blast this summer. I'm completely okay with closing this chapter and getting ready for the next.

So Happy Labor Day everyone. Enjoy your holiday. And goodbye Summer 2012. You absolutely rocked.


Feenkuss said...

Wooow such cute pictures :)
I love it.

Ina :*

Val said...

I agree with the previous comment! Your little girl is just too cute for words!! What great pictures!


Jillian said...

She is so flipping cute! I just love her cheeks!

Muffy said...

Do you have a fancy camera (aka a DSLR)? Your pictures are always so GOOD!!! Little E being adorable helps too! HA!


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