Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wordless wednesday

Well almost. When Nonny came to visit a few weeks ago, we had to trek out to all of our favorite parks to get in our fair share of park time before we moved. And that meant we had to head to the park with the duck pond. Duh. Because it's BG's favorite and she gets thrilled to hang with the ducks.


Anyway, so we did the feeding of the duck thing. BG loved it. Mr. P did too. Possibly more than the little. She was giggling and squealing and holding full on conversations with the ducks and loving every second of it. Man, even the little things are amazing to her. Like nasty ducks. I need just an ounce of her joy in life.

Enjoy the pictures. Be glad you can't smell those ducks.


Erin said...

I bet she loved feeding the ducks! Love th photo of her squatting down to see them better!

SEL said...

Very cute pictures! I love seeing little girls with their Daddy's! (and Mommy's) ;)



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