Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what to wear where

So because they are my favorites, I'm linking up with Melissa and Amy again today for their What to Wear Where challenge. Which today made me a hot sweaty mess. Because it's too hot here for Fall clothes.

But I love them. So you get to see the picture anyway.

I love Fall. Love it. But apparently South Carolina hates it and gives it the stank eye when it tries to appear. So while it says "Fall is here!" on the calendar, in SC, it's still armpit sweat inducing hot outside. Which sucks. Because September comes and I'm all scarves! boots! skinny jeans! but it's still 90 + outside and one should still wear shorts.


Basically, I just have to switch colors. Which actually gives me the happies because the deeper tones of fall colors are much more my style than the pastels of summer. Oh and I made the super short summer dress(?) into a top because I don't do booty hanging out and I shrunk it. So yea.

Top: Old Navy at the beginning of the summer/ pants: (look Amy colored pants!) Christopher & Banks (pleasant surprise at the outlets last week and now I want to wear them every freaking day)/ necklace: Fashion to Figure/ flats: Target a billion years ago/ hair: a hot mess that I didn't even brush. I definitely need a fashion blogger how to if I'm ever going to put my picture on here again.


I totally ventured out of my comfort zone with the colored pants but now I love them and want every single color ever. But I'm going to need some cooler weather for the next time I wear real pants. Please let fall come South Carolina!


Lilly said...

Such a cute outfit. I love all the colors and those sweet baby legs sticking out of the cart!


Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

And we love you - thank you for playing along!

I see that SC and TX are in cahoots with the no-fall fall thing, so I have to do the "change the colors, not the clothes" thing too - speaking of, yours are adorable! I love that striped dress-turned-tunic, and the golden flats from my happy place Target are terrific.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Yes, we do love you! And I fully endorse a Target dressing room pic :)

I have that same "dress" in navy/green. Mine shrunk too and I'm not a fan of my booty hanging out either...I'll have to try to layer it as you did here because it is definitely working!


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