Wednesday, September 12, 2012

we're in the country now.

So we made it to the "new house" as BG so affectionately likes to call it. And y'all?

It is in the country.

As in, we were here no more than a couple of hours before Mr. P almost stepped on a rattlesnake.

It was a baby, but I don't care. Baby's have Mamas. And Daddies. And those guys are mean.

I almost put everything right back on that U-Haul and headed back to 'ol Anderson, South Carolina. Not even kidding.

The last day was as tough as I thought it would be in some ways and easier than I thought in others. BG was a trooper as I made her take "these are my last days at..." pictures. We said good-bye to her school and her teachers and her friends. BG's teacher gave us a book they had made in school that had pictures of the three best friends in it. I sobbed in my car as I came to that page.

There was the goodbyes to our best friends which were as heart wrenching as I knew they would be and will have to be talked about later as it's a bit too soon.

I said "adios" to my workplace and my coworkers who were awesome enough to also celebrate my birthday a few days early so that we could celebrate together.

And then we drove off. BG and I in the truck pulling one U-haul while Mr. P drove the other. ::sidenote: we have too much stuff:: It took a good four and a half hours to get here with all that mess, but we made it.

After a (way too short) night of sleep, Mr. P's best friend and his wife showed up and we hit the ground running unpacking.

Where we live now is, wait for it, right next to my in-laws. Like next door. Which is actually turning out to a-ok so far in that they've been amazing with watching BG and letting us get unpacked. BG is elated to have grandparents so close and literally takes off yelling "I go to Granny's!!!!" every time I open the back door.

We'll have to work on that.

Downside? Pretty sure my pants are already tighter thanks to my mother-in-laws country cooking. Must find a running trail stat.

BG is clearly a fan of the country life as she cannot get enough of running around barefoot, chasing spiders (who's kid is this?!), and running around like a crazy person with the dogs. The plethora of distractions has actually been a godsend as the questions of "I go to school today?" and "We go see Mrs. Stacy and Zozo??" have been minimal.

Thank God because I literally tear up every time she asks. She's going to start thinking I need to be committed.

Sunday morning we drove to the local campus of our home church back in Anderson. Yet one more godsend is that our church (that we love) already has a campus here. No more spending months searching for a church home, we already have one. We loved it and I truly think God has a plan for us at this new campus. I'm excited to see what's in store.

BG also seemed to like it as she was all smiles after we left. She wasn't too excited about going that morning (no clue why), so it was great to see a complete attitude 180 by that afternoon.

We're getting settled in. Boxes are slowly but surely getting unpacked. Cable and internet will be hooked up today (after a major complication due to some old cable lines and being told it might be gasp, 20 days!!). Mr. P seems to like the new job and BG and I are figuring out our next steps. I guess all is going as it should be. For right now anyway.

I'm excited to see what comes next. I truly am. I'm nervous and a tad bit sad (okay a lot sad) because I do miss home and I do miss our old life, but I do feel a peace that this is where we are supposed to be. Even if I don't understand why it needed to be the country.

Clearly I'm the only one feeling like this. This girl was made for this life.


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

So glad you guys are getting settled in and that you all seem to be adjusting fairly well!

K said...

Glad she is such a trooper! It sucks to move and make new friends and get used to a new area. We have been in our new town for almost 3 years and I still don't know my way around. Lucky for us though it wasn't that far away. Good luck with the new place!

Kara said...

We seriously live a parallel life. We realized about four hours Before we closed on selling our house that we were going to have to get an extra uhaul, and here we are in his grandparents' house, where I dug a snake out of the flowerbed Sunday. You sure you're not having a baby girl in December? ;)

A.B. said...

Thinking of you. XOXO. where are you? state wise?

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Such a bittersweet post! It looks like things are coming together and there seems to be a definite silver lining on everything. New house in the country but in-laws are next door. Somedays that will drive you crazy, but other days it may be your saving grace. And a campus for your home church? That is just awesome! I'm praying for y'all and I just know that God's hand is all over this, protecting y'all and guiding you. Love you!

the workaholic momma said...

the pictures are beautiful and i think its so wonderful that you guys are next door to your in-laws:) I'm glad to hear the move went well and that you guys are settling in...hope those rattlesnakes dont decide to make regular appearances!!

Suze said...

I hate I didn't get to see you before you left! But living in the country is the best air! It's all I've known! It will give you appreciation to make your trips count when you go to the city to run errands ;). Oh amd driving to the dump with trash in car good times :-). My favorites would be fresh veggies and fruits from Garden though.. The road I live on is my momas maiden name so all relatives live all right there close by! It worked out nicely when you need something and can call or walk borrow whatever it is so don't have make trip to town just for that! I went off in tangent haha sorry! But seriously when all you know is country life you think you hit big time when you go to city hahaha it was like trip to chuck e chese as child going to the city to run errands haha! I'll be praying for y'all!!!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Wow! You, my friend, are a trooper. I'm sure I might be committed if I moved to the country next to my in-laws. They are awesome, but I'm not sure I would ever convince Nate to come back to our house. And home cooked meals, yes. I swear I gain 10 pounds every time I visit.

BUT I am so excited for what He is holding for y'all there. And I am even more excited that you already have a church that you know is for you. BG will have a whole group of new friends soon (and you too I hope!)

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you guys are settling in and that BG is doing well! It looks beautiful! Praying as you guys continue to get settled. :)

Lindsey said...

so glaad your move went well love,and kudos to you for living right next door to your in-laws, you are a MUCH stronger woman than I am. I hope the adjustments continue to go very well! xo

Jaclyn_Rose said...

New reader here - just stumbled upon your blog.

I just moved to Australia from Canada with a 3.5 year old and a one year old. It was a HUGE adjustment. And I also had a lot of cries when my son would cry out "I want to go to grandmas house!!" knowing that I won't be taking him there again.... that *I* won't be going there again.

I saw you write in a more recent post that you and the little one are still adjusting... it took me a good 3 weeks, so don't give yourself a hard time when you have a hard day. Moving is hard, especially with little ones!

You'll settle in! I look forward to reading more about your country life :)


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