Monday, February 7, 2011

10 months.

**Her Dad is literally holding her back for this shot, and it's the only one we got as right after I took this, she threw herself backwards, hit her head, and went into a meltdown. Awesome.**

I feel like this past month you spent a lot of time perfecting what you already knew how to do. You have gotten so good at all your skills. You crawl like you've been doing it since birth, you babble all day, you eat like a pro, you pull up with ease, can squat down, and sit down with ease. It is such a joy getting to watch you learn every day.

Currently you are wearing mainly 12 month clothes. You wear size 3 Pampers Crusiers during the day and size 3 Pampers Overnights to sleep in. At your appointment the other day, you weighed 23.7 pounds and measured in at 28.5 inches. But you were squirming in that measurement and we usually get over 29 here at home. You wear a size 4 shoe.

Here's what you've been up to this month:

  • You figured out that while wearing a dress, it's easier to crawl on your hands and feet and you are good at it. Sometimes you'll be crawling along fine and you'll decide to pop up on your feet. Not sure if this is a step closer to walking, but it's funny!

  • You've been giving "kisses" for a while, but this past month they've gotten so much bigger and more frequent. You give huge, wet, open mouth kisses but you usually give them to me. I think Daddy's goatee bothers you!

  • *Giving kisses through the window*

  • You learned how to use the furniture to cruise around. You will go around and around the coffee table. You don't go from furniture to furniture very often, but you will transfer from the table to the couch since they are so close together.

  • You word count is growing. Your Dad and I are convinced that you do know who "Dada" and "Mama" are based on when you use them. You'll also look right at us and say who we are. You say "du" (duck) and "ba" (ball) and are getting good at saying them clearly. You can pick those two out of all of your toys.

  • You had your first snow day and you loved it!

  • You just stared making the "ga" sound. You cruise around saying "ga ga goo" all day. So funny.

  • You are really starting to show an attachment to your Wubbie and your "blankie". When you get tired, you'll go looking for them two to curl up with. It's so stinking precious.

  • You and your Dad sing "wobble wobble bobble bobble" to each other. It's become your thing. He's pretty proud that you can say that.

  • You moved up to the big tub. You are a trip in there. You crawl, stand up, sit down, fall down, pull on the duck on the faucet, play with the metal cover. You are a crazy girl in there!

  • You started taking two of your bottles each day out of a sippy cup and you didn't even blink. You started taking your afternoon bottle out of a cup and had no issue so I turned your lunch bottle into a sippy cup as well. You do so, so good with both of those transitions.

  • You can stand on your own for a few seconds. However, this only happens if you get distracted holding something and let go of what you were standing against, or if we let go of your hands. Once you realize you aren't holding on to anything, you sit down.

  • You are not afraid of anything. I vacuum all around you and you try to crawl on the thing. You will crawl into anything and dive off of anything. I hope you aren't going to be as big of a daredevil as your Dad. My heart can't take it.

  • You LOVE to play peekaboo, but won't do it by yourself yet. You also love to "find" things under blankets, especially if they jump out at you (ie: us).

  • You are a pro at finger foods. You still eat some of the baby foods, but you really prefer to just do it on your own. You have had ham, turkey, cheese, eggs, green beans, wheat bread, yogurt, cottage cheese, and applesauce. You eat every single thing we put in front of you.

  • You are up to four teeth. The bottom two are completely through. Your top right came up on 1/10 and your top left came through on 1/31. Currently something has to be coming through as you are having a time right now. I can't tell which tooth it is though...

  • You went to the park for the first time and you absolutely loved it. We have been back multiple times since then.

  • Your screams are back. You aren't as loud as you once were, but you now scream if you aren't a fan of something or don't want to do something.

  • You are big into mimicking us. We have to watch what we do and say now because you're trying to say and do whatever we do. You smack your lips, cluck your tongue, and I've noticed you say "huh" noises a lot. Didn't know where you got that til I listened to how many times a day I say it. Whoops.

  • You learned how to wave "bye-bye" and "hello". You are much better at "bye-bye". Not going to lie, that little wave absolutely melts my heart. Sometimes you keep the movement going for a while and focus it on you and you are just so proud of yourself.

  • You have completely mastered the "pincer grasp". You find so many tiny things to pick up now. I vacuum at least twice a day now.

  • Current nicknames: Kiddo (Dad), Booger, Boog, Boogaloo (Dad), Ellabelle (Mom), Munchkin (Mom), and Love-bug (Mom).

  • You've started really snuggling into us and hugging on to us.

  • You absolutely melt us little one. After your Dad checks on you every night, he comes out and says "that is the most precious thing on this planet". You've got him wrapped honey. Well who am I kidding, you've got me wrapped too. You will never understand the joy you've brought to our lives. We love you forever.


    Anonymous said...

    Oh my goodness! She is just too precious for words!!! I so miss having little babies. Ten months is a milestone, thank you for sharing such a sweet post.

    Katie @ Loves of Life said...

    Omygah! I call my daughter boogs (booger)! Ha!! Love

    Newlywed Next Door said...

    I love this pumpkin!

    I'm reading "The Help" and b/c Aibee calls Mae Mobley "Baby Girl" I totally picture Mae Mobley as E. Funny, right?

    Angie said...

    She is a doll! I just love it when they start waving! Babies waving melts my heart. So sweet!

    Paige said...

    Ah, how adorable! I will never forget the first time that I took CB to the park too. I actually think she was 10 months as well. Baby waves are the sweetest!


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