Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

As unromantic, cynical, and un-lovey dovey, as I tend to be, I pink puffy heart Valentine's Day.

Maybe it's because from a young day, my parents have made sure to make it a special day; with cards, chocolate, and maybe a little gift. Maybe it's because I got a special gift from a special little boy at a young age that made me feel cool beyond my years. Maybe it's because I'm a competitive freak that liked to see how many cards she could collect. Maybe it's because I like being the center of attention and loved it when in high school I was singled out each year with a rose.

Whatever. I like it.

I'm not into the huge romantic dinner, blowing your budget on jewelry thing, but I am a sucker for a card and some chocolate (just what these hips need...).

This year, Mr. Perfect worked all day, but I spent the day with my little lovebug making a craft for her Daddy, baking a cake, and just hanging out. Absolute perfection.

This year, my heart overflows with love for my family.

So to my Valentine's, Mr. Perfect, you are the light of my life. I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you, but had no idea it could continue to grow every day. You are the love of my life, my best friend, an amazing husband, and an incredible father. I love being with you every day and can't wait to grow old with you.

Baby Girl, you are the best thing that's ever happened to your Dad and I. Everyday you make us laugh and we are so proud of every little thing that you figure out. You've completed our family and we are so, so thankful that we were chosen to be your parents. We love you more than life little one..

And lastly.. to my first Valentines, my parents. I love you guys tons. Thanks for teaching me what it is to feel special. And making sure that I knew it was important to make others feel that way.

Hope you've all had a great day. Whether you spent it with spouses, significant others, children, parents, or good friends, I hope you felt all kinds of loved.

Happy Valentines day y'all.


Paige said...

What a very sweet post! Parents are always so wonderful about making their children feel special on Valentines day! The pictures you added are super precious! Love her big bow!

Hayley said...

Oh man, love the message to your sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way too. I love Valentine's Day and it started with my parents making a point to show us love first thing in the morning on Valentine's Day! I plan to do the same thing when Hubs and I have children...make it a point to let them know they are loved and appreciated...and obvi, have something pink and/or red for them to rock out to school! Hopefully they'll always love Valentine's Day like I do!

Lauren said...

Soooo sweet!!!!! :)

lg2006 said...

That is so sweet! I hope to be like your parents as well!

Holly said...

What a sweet post!


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