Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the little things.

I don't know how to begin this post.

Yesterday was another day that I could literally feel my sanity slipping away. Seriously I almost went looking for it in the parking lot. The little things were adding up and hitting me big time and knocking me down and out.

Then today?


The little things today have made me smile, laugh, and thank God that this is my life.

Little things like baking cupcakes and having them turn out edible. Huge for me.

Then sharing one of those cupcakes with Mr. P, who put it all over my face and made us laugh for ten minutes.

Or watching my little one swing on the swings with the biggest smile on her face.

Or seeing her delight over something as simple as a little boy sliding down the slide.

The other day on Twitter, DD remarked about how she watched a women dragging her two year old hurriedly into the store as the little girl tried to take in all of the falling snow around her with wide eyes.

And it struck a chord in me.

The other night, BG and I pulled in from Wal-Mart and it started sprinkling. It pissed me off because I was parked pretty far away and was super mad about getting wet. It wasn't a downfall, just those annoying little droplets that make your face all misty.

As I pulled her out of the car and hurriedly slammed the door shut, I noticed something. I had my head ducked and was trying to duck hers, but she was fighting me with everything she had. So I let her head go and watched as my ten month old tilted her head back, opened her mouth, and smiled as the little drops hit her face.

See, to me it was an annoying downpour. To her? Her first time to experience that mist on her face.

It's the little things people.

It's curling up in bed with my cat at my feet. It's a good run. It's a delicious dinner that prepared for my little family. It's a cupcake with the hubs on his lunch break. It's watching a movie with my husband. It's splashing in the tub with the little.

It's life and it's going too fast.


Paige said...

Absolutely my definition of a perfect post. =)
Love this, and thank you for the reminder!

Hayley said...

I agree with Paige...a perfect post. Loved it...and oh so true!

Lauren said...

SO love this and so so true!!!!!!

Rachel said...

love this post! beautiful...you said all of that so perfectly. makes me want to just take a deep breath and look around, thanks for the reminder :)

Anonymous said...

This may be my most favorite post of yours ever. I couldn't agree with you more. It's so important to take a step back sometimes, but so hard to do just that. Keep on seeing the positive and you will doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

This post really makes you stop and take a breath! Thanks!

Brown Girl said...

The little things are so sweet...we just have to take the time to notice them. ;)

Emily and Andrew said...

I can totally relate! I was rushing R into daycare the other morning during our crazy sleet storm while trying not to fall! She was absolutely amazed by it and wanted so badly to watch it!


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