Monday, February 21, 2011

project 365: week 7

Sunday, February 13th:

On Sunday, BG and I drove down to Athens to eat with the bff and her family. Her parent's house has stairs and while AP and I were chit chatting, I turned around and saw this. Yep, apparently she can climb stairs.

and... (it's another double day whoop whoop!)

This is my little when she's supposed to be sleeping, but for some reason was wired and wanted to be up. So I let her watch a bit of the Grammy's in bed with me. Does this look like the face of a baby ready for bed?

Monday, February 14th:

My oh so yummy cake I made for Valentine's Day. Delicious!

Tuesday, February 15th:

BG's first time in the sandbox. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it, but then dug right in. She never became a huge fan of the dirt on her hands, but she would dig with the shovel. What will I do if she's a girly girl?!?

Wednesday, February 16th:
Umm fail. I took absolutely zero pictures this day. Blame this on the fact that Mr. P was off and we spent 98% of the day watching the first season of Glee. Real productive.

Thursday, February 17th:

Let's ignore the fact that she's covered in food shall we? BG's become obsessed with her shoes. But not with wearing them. She wants to carry them around, and pull them off and chew on them. We're going to have to teach her to show more respect to shoes!

Friday, February 18th:

Cuddling with my baby after something scared her. We'll just let the fact that it was me that did it slide...

Saturday, February 19th:

My big girl drinking out of a cup. She's getting so big!!


Emily and Andrew said...

Reese has those same little heart Vans! Too cute!

Virginia Belle said...

That cake look delicious! I love how happy she looks in the second picture, absolutely precious!

Carolyn said...

A cup? Look at that big girl go!!

Sassy said...

What a precious little peanut! Looks like y'all had a fun week. :)

Annie said...

oh my goodness, she looks like such a big girl sitting in her highchair drinking from a cup!!
love all the pictures! your bg is just too cute!!
and that cake looks delicious!!


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