Friday, February 4, 2011

these days.

I meant to write a post about BG's schedule back when she was oh, five months old so that I could look back and see what we did all day.

But I didn't. Boo.

Now that I'm home with her all day, we've managed to nail down a pretty tight schedule of how our day should go.

And by nail down, I mean, it's in my head, but BG is the boss here and we kind of do what she says.

Somehow my days fly by now. Half the time I literally cannot figure out how it's already lunch time, and then how Mr. Perfect is getting home for the day. It's crazy. Most of the time, I have zero clue as to what day it is. It's busy which is odd to me because I thought I would have tons of time when I stayed home.


However, I will say that we've fallen into quite a nice little routine. Things get done. Most of the time the house is not atrocious. Most of the time dinner is served at a reasonable hour. Most of the time I get to work out. I always get to shower. It's good.

So what do we do all day you ask. Well here goes..

On rare, rare occasions, I get up and hit the gym at 5.30. I get back at 6.15 and Mr. P leaves for work and then I shower and get dressed. But that's rare. Usually this is how it goes:

7:30-8:00 am: BG wakes up. Once she wakes up, I wake up. I go to the kitchen and maker her a bottle, get her meds ready, and get a cup of coffee (which my amazing husband makes before he leaves for the day). I get her out of bed (always greeted with a smile!), change her diaper, and then we go to the living room where she has her morning bottle and watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I inhale enjoy my coffee and catch up on Twitter and email.

8:00-9: we play in the living room. We work on stacking blocks (no interest), playing with her toys (no interest), and crawling into every single thing in the house (tons of interest).

9: breakfast. Usually oatmeal and fruit for her, bagel or cereal for me. After breakfast, we clean up our mess and head back to the living room for more play time.

(Honestly, her play time right now is climbing on tables, chasing the pets, and pulling stuff off of tables. Why do we buy kids toys?!?)

10:00-10:30: About 10, BG shows signs she's ready for a nap. As soon as I see that first sign, I pick her up and we attempt "quiet play". I try to read (usually she's not interested) or we'll walk around the house and work on vocabulary. Then we change her diaper and she goes down for a nap. Usually with absolutely no fighting.

Once she's down, I run the dogs outside real quick, and then jump in the shower. I have an hour in the am to get stuff done. After I shower, I do my quiet time, clean up the kitchen, and then knock out my *daily chore (yes, I have a chore list). I also get her toys picked up from the am.

11:30: She's up. If I'm lucky, I got everything done I wanted to get done. Usually not, but she's up anyway. I get her up and get her dressed for the day. If we have a quick errand to run, we go now. If not, we hang out and play til lunch time.

12:00-12:30: lunchtime. We eat when Mr. P can come home and eat with us. I love that we eat two meals a day together. After lunch, I take the dogs on a longer walk while Mr. P plays with BG.

1:00: Mr. P goes back to work and BG and I head to the park, or the apartment playground, or a store, just somewhere to get out for a bit.

2:00: we get home and wind down for nap time.

2:30-4:30: Nap time. If I didn't get what I needed to get done this morning, I do it now. Then I try to use this for "me" time. I read, I blog, I read blogs, I play on Twitter, I hop on g-chat, I write in her baby book, I watch tv. This is my recharge time. I also get dinner started, do our budget, plan our menus, pay bills, and do whatever projects need to be done during this time. I get to spend about 30 minutes doing "me" time, the rest goes to running this house. But I do not mind.

(Also, nap time varies. Some days it's an hour, some days two. You literally have to race to get anything done because you don't know when she'll wake up. Fun little game...)

4:30: BG gets up and has a snack while I work on dinner. Then she gets some solo play in her pack-n-play or her room. If her room needs to be cleaned, its done now while she plays and I can watch her.

5:00: Mr. Perfect gets home and it's his time with her. Usually I'm finishing up dinner while they play or watch tv.

5:30: Dinner

6:00: bath time. Mr. P bathes BG while I feed the dogs and cat and get the kitchen cleaned up. If I don't get the kitchen done, he does it while I get her to bed. After bath time, we pick up her room and her toys from the day. Never too early to teach them to clean their room!


6:45: She gets her medicine and last bottle. I clean her teeth and then we rock and read a story (if she'll let you. Currently, she has zero interest in this step and I usually just sing to her and then put her to bed).

7:30: BG is in bed and I usually hit the gym. I get back about 8:30, shower, and then it's couch and tv time for the hubs and I.

10:00: bed. Well for him. I usually surf the internet or watch tv til about midnight. Insomnia is a blast...

So that's our days. They fly by.

Quick question: What are some activities that you'd recommend for a babe BG's age? She shows little interest in toys and would prefer to be moving. She likes the park but it's so cold right now that we haven't been going and if we do, we don't stay long. What are some good indoor activities?


A.B. said...

You shower twice a day? I'm uber impressed.

lg2006 said...

I LOVE that you wrote this all out because I am in need of a schedule I think! I have NEVER had one but try to now for Piggles sake. I think I shall print this out and give it a go!

Melanee said...

stroller strides would be great for ya'll. you get the workout and hang w/ other moms and babies.

Meant to be a mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is adorable and so is your little miss :) I look forward to seeing more posts of yours.


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