Friday, February 4, 2011

savannah trip: part 1

At the end of January, we traveled down to Savannah for a long weekend to finish packing up the house and visit with family and friends.

We headed down there on a Saturday morning. One of the biggest bummers about not knowing anyone up here is that we have no one to keep the dogs and always have to take them with us. Thankfully they are amazing travelers..

That night, we met up with some friends for Mexican food and then headed over to my best pal, KP's, house. Her little girl, Kathryn, was not feeling company that night so we didn't stick around long though.

Sunday was my grandfather's birthday and I'm so glad that we were able to be there to celebrate his 77th with him. He adores BG. I'm pretty sure he would've been okay with just having her there! He spent the morning "chatting" with BG before we busted out the cake and ice-cream.

That afternoon, my bff since elementary school came over with her two kiddos. I'm so glad we got a chance to see them and spend some time with them! C and I used to daydream when we were younger about growing up next door to each other and raising our kids as best friends. Well, we don't live next door or even close, but I do hope our friends can grow up close. They do seem to love each other.

Right now anyways.

Love that little tail!

We spent the afternoon just hanging out on the porch chatting and catching up on each others' lives. I've missed her.

After they left, Mr. P and I got dressed to go our for a little one on one time. We hadn't had a date night in months, so we left the little with her great-grandparents and her aunt and went to go eat. She spent the night playing with her great-grandma's decorative apples (all the toys we took and she played with these the whole time!) and hanging out with them and their neighbors.
She was still up when we got home, so we put her to bed and followed quickly behind. All those kids at the house wore us out!

The next day, we were off to go meet up with more old pals, but since I'm already way heavy on pictures, I'll finish up tomorrow..


Suze said...

BG is SOO cute oh my goodness! Love it! Glad you had fun in Savannah :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

sounded and looked like a fun (part 1) trip! I love the pics of the littles looking out a window too, so cute! yay for a date :) and the littles always wear us out more than we can wear them out don't they? :-) hope you're doing well! hugs!


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