Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365: Week 6

Sunday, February 6th:

I loved this little outfit that BG had in pink, so I had to go get her the other color. She had it for one day before she bit a hole in the arm. Nice...

Monday, February 7th:

Precious. And yes, that's an 18 month tag peeking out of her bottoms. We're moving on up people..

Tuesday, February 8th:

I got the wild hair to attempt making cupcakes. They didn't look so pretty, but they were delicious. Now I want some more.

Wednesday, February 9th:

I attempted a photo shoot with the little, but she wasn't having it. I think this is seriously the best one I got.

Thursday, February 10th:

Oh you know.. just watching a little tv with Mom.

Friday, February 11th:

The littlest things make her laugh so hard. I love how when she laughs, her eyes disappear. Pure joy..

Saturday, February 12th:

45 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Love the purple pj's! She is one sweet girl!!

Milltini said...

I can't get enough! Happy valentine's day!

A.B. said...

OMG her Valentine's outfit. I desire it to be on my child. Ok, so maybe it's cuter on yours :)

And is it weird that when I was at target I saw that little outfit (first one with the arm bitten hole) and thought, BG has that.

Does this make me a stalker?


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