Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sick day.

I don't know if maybe we're suffering some side effects to our shot yesterday (third Hep B) or if we're teething, or if we have our first little cold, but I do know we're having our first sick day.

And by we I mean her.

Last night, she woke up multiple times coughing and upset because she was having a hard time breathing through her nose. We'd get up, clean her nose out, and get her back to bed only to do it again in a few hours. So exhausting.

But she's worth it.

She slept until nine this morning (God love her) but woke up with a very runny nose and watery eyes and that wet cough.

She has been a total trooper. This morning she just wanted to cuddle with me until she went down for a nap at ten thirty. I'll take it.

Once she got up, we had to make a Target run. I hated to drag her out, but we were completely out of wipes. She was so good the whole time we were in the store. I got us in and out in ten minutes. That's a retail miracle y'all. I've never been in Target for that little of time.

After we dropped off lunch for her Daddy, I could tell my munchkin was fading fast so we went back home. She played half heartedly for a few minutes but then she just sat on the floor with her Wubbie and blankie.

Oh, and with her Mama. She was a cuddly little lovebug today.

We rocked and watched RHOBH for hours this afternoon. I have laundry piled on every surface of our living room, the pups are giving me the stank eye for no long walks today, and our bags are still sitting in the foyer, but I could have cared less today. Because today? My little one needed me.

After a very short nap this afternoon, she was up and feeling a bit better so we tackled cleaning out her closet. She modeled some clothes and we sadly put away her nine month clothing. Her idea of helping is apparently a bit different than mine..

For every outfit I put away, she pulled two out. Fun game, productive? Not so much. But who cares. It made her laugh hysterically.

She went to bed with no fuss as usual. She's already woken up once upset because she couldn't breathe and she's coughing away again. I hope she feels better soon. There is nothing harder than watching my sweet girl suffer through her first cold. Or at least that's how this Mama is feeling right now..


Kara said...

I know that is not fun. We did that back at Thanksgiving and I dread doing it again. Thanks for the heads up that it could be the shot bc S gets hers on Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Poor sweet thing:( At least you were able to enjoy some snuggles with her! Have you tried putting a humidifier in her room? We did that with Little M last week when she was sick and it really helped her breath at night!

Carrie said...

That is not like her at all! Hope she is feeling back to normal tomorrow! :( Such a cute sad face, though!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

She is so adorable, even sick! I love her little smiles... she's just a doll. I can't believe you got in and out of Target in 10 minutes! Supermom!! Hope she has a better night tonight!

Unknown said...

oh poor thing - I hope she feels better so soon! I HATED it when Jay got colds when she was little . . . it's so sad!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Hope she gets over it fast. She is beautiful. I love the Target reference. That was one impressive, speedy trip. Good work my friend.

Lauren said...

Poor thing, but what a trooper though! Hope she feels better!!!

K said...

Aww poor girl! I hope she is feeling better! Looks like she was such a trooper though! Smiles, even when she is sick.

Jennifer said...

Is your little girl feeling better yet?

I know she is sick in those pics, but she still looks so adorable and precious! Especially that last pic!


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