Tuesday, February 22, 2011

vitamin d

I don't know about you, but the weather this winter has really made me a downer. Add the major life changes we've had going on in with seriously gray, wet, cold weather, and I'm quite the Eeyore.

Not so fun.

Thankfully, I dare say spring is in the air.

If you don't believe me, you can come listen to me snort, cough, and sneeze as I battle my change of seasons hay fever. Super fun.

This morning I got up and went running while the hubs stayed at home with the little. It was gorgeous out. Sixty five degrees, sunny, with a breeze; heaven.

I hit the pavement with a smile on my face and enjoyed every second of my run.

It was so pretty out that I had to crank up the radio and roll the windows down for the ride home. Belting out some Train with the wind in my hair made me feel like ME again. Something I haven't felt in months.

I decided that in spite of the millions of things that needed to be done around the house today, it was simply too pretty to be indoors. So I packed up some lunch and took BG for her first picnic in the park.

She loved it. Of course she didn't do very much eating in between the staring at people, rolling in the dirt, and attempting to give her mom a heart attack by crawling straight for the lake (ie: the birds).

Clearly that fear wasn't passed down.

We had such a good time. I know I'll always remember sitting out in the sun with her watching her take it all in. Everything is so cool through a child's eyes.

After lunch, we headed over to the playground for a bit. She is still a big fan of the swings and today was even pumping her legs a little bit in there. Stop. Growing. Up.

Then we hit up the sandbox. BG is slowly coming around to playing in an oversized catboxthe sandbox (it's a daily battle to not let my neurosis rub off on my child..). Today she was everywhere! I was just happy to sit on the sidelines and not get dirty.


Then we came home and clearly BG loves the outdoors as much as I do, because she didn't want to sleep at all the rest of the afternoon. I think she just wanted to play outside.

I don't blame her.

However, I needed to get some stuff done so she got to watch a movie and eat some snacks.

I'm so excited for spring. Vitamin D sure is going to do this girl good.


Kara said...

She is so cute in that sand box! I am glad you enjoyed your day with her. My vitamin D is low. Seriously, it is. I need a day like that. But hey, I did have recess duty with 1st grade for 30 minutes...

Ashley Paige said...

omgosh- those pictures of you in your aviator sunnies and LittleMiss? CUTEST PICTURES IN THE WORLD! and you had me laughing out loud at the catbox (er, sand box). some days you just need to leave the laundry- leave the dishes.. and get outside. i forsee a LOT of house-neglect happening when it get's nicer outside! we mama's need to maintain our sanity!!

Lindsey said...

This looks like such a fun day! Sometimes we just need to throw out responsibilities and take care of what is truly worthwhile.. our sanity and our children!

d.a.r. said...

So fun!!! I am with you--I NEED spring. I don't do well in winter. After the holidays, I am just a miserable person until it is sunny and warm again.

Anonymous said...

Love her sandbox pictures! AND your shades!

Emily and Andrew said...

We did this on Monday and it was AMAZING! It's funny how just sitting on the ground outside takes on a whole new meaning of special-ness when you are with your 10 month old! Glad you enjoyed your day outside! We sure did!

Angie said...

Her smile in the swing is priceless. And I too am so ready for spring! Just thinking about it makes me so happy!


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