Thursday, September 13, 2012

words. and tidbits.

I cannot even believe how seamless this move has been so far. How right it feels. How easy it feels.

Beside the fact that I still have boxes laying around that BG falls over no less than five times a day. That part isn't easy.

Moving sucks, but I truly feel like God has us here for a reason. That's got to be why it's just flowing right along.

We found a new park today. BG is a smitten kitten. Sunshine is good for both of our souls and it was gorgeous out today so we ventured out and found a park. And then BG found a port-a-potty which she insisted on using.

Disgusting. She later decided she had to use the restroom at a Shell station because she absolutely, positively could not hold it the two minutes it would have taken us to get home.

My child did not get my fear of the public restroom.

She also didn't get my distaste for Crocs. Child needs a Croc-ervention. She found those in the car and quickly discarded her (very cute and very matched) other shoes for them. Sigh...

We have family coming tomorrow. I should do something about those boxes or BG won't be the only one tripping over them. Instead, I'm doing this and watching Big Brother. Priorities.

About Big Brother, y'all, I would kill Dan. I cannot stand him. Or Ian. I wanted Frank to win. Or Britney. But Britney only because I totally thought she was adorable and tiny and cute. Frank because he's the underdog and I do like a good underdog. Oh well. I've lost interest as I can't stand any of the final 3.

I'll watch anyway.

I get to see my niece this weekend! Perk number whatever to this move, being closer to the brother and his family (at times). Other times, he's making me crazy and it's a con to this move but whatever.

BG is loving having her grandparents so close. We're working on her not running over there every time I open the door though. No lie though, the perks of all the food and a sweet father in law that runs my trash to the dump for me are not lost on this girl.

That might be my love language. Do nice things for me, I might love you. Hmmm...

Kidding. Sort of ;)

But seriously, I think she's really good for them as well as them being good for her. They light up around her. She'll either keep them young or push them over the edge. Jury's still out on that one.

BG is finally learning how to play by herself some. Multiple times a day she will disappear and I'll find her in her room playing. Today she had set up a tea party and was serving tea to "Miss Bitme" and Zo. I almost cried it broke my heart so much. But she seems to be good... A little lonely though. We spend lots and lots of time together right now. I've done really well at putting my phone away while she's around and making sure she's my focus. Her heart right now has to be a bit bruised. I'm determined to fix this.

Other than the obvious times where she asks to see pictures of her friends and asks if we "go to school today?", she is happy as a clam. She's just such a joy and this time is such a blessing until we figure out our next step.

Apparently I had a lot to say. I'm cutting myself off now.


Shannon Dew said...

Um KP needs a croc-er-vention too! OMG the minute she wakes up she wants them on! "I wear Cocks!!!" {yes she calls them COCKS}! And as for BB, I'm annoyed. My mom and I are certain that this season was scripted, for sure! I loved Brit the first time she was on and I still loved her this time!

Jillian said...

I'm happy your adjusting well! I can't imagine being that clse to my in-laws! I would go insane;) and I hate crocs too! But they are so easy to put on kids feet and bonus they can do it themselves.

Unknown said...

So glad that the move is going so seamlessly! :-)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

So glad about the move ;) You handle things 9203x better than I ever would. Basically you're awesome.


Dan is a piece of work! I can't decide if he makes it to final two (he will) if jury will vote him in based on his GENIUS or his CRUELTY. He has a lot of both.

And to think he's a teacher. And a coach. And influences the minds of teenagers. HOLY CRAP I'M HOMESCHOOLING.

Unknown said...

So glad the move is going well! And I feel you on the croc-er-vention. 99% of the time that is the ONLY shoes Emmy will least they look cute in those small sizes!


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