Wednesday, January 4, 2012

21 months


Oh sweet girl. This month has been an absolute blast. You are such a little spitfire and your personality has exploded this month. You are by far the most fun little person to be around (you're also the most exhausting kiddo). You makes us laugh and smile so much. Sometimes too much when you're acting out but we can't quit laughing enough to discipline you. You are very dramatic. You might get that from me. You can also cut your eyes with a quickness (also from me, oops). Every month you surprise us with how quick you are changing and growing. So what have you been up to this month...

You've gotten a little bossy. You like to point your finger at us (okay me) and say "no!". Or push me and say "go!". You do that to the dogs as well. They take it better than I do. You also like to tell the dogs to "back up!" and "get out". Better be glad they're nice dogs...

You're getting a bit more picky with what you will eat. You do not eat meat. Well, that's not true. You eat very, very little meat. Hot dogs are your favorite. Which actually sticks with the no meat thing (ga-ross).

You still love you some Abby and Elmo.

Little Einsteins is by far your favorite cartoon. You love those guys. It makes my day to see you going "pat pat pat" on your legs and then holler "BAST OFF!!" (blast off). It is so cute.

You love all things sparkly and girly. You got a pair of Squeaky Shoes for Christmas and you fell head over heels for them. (You guys should see her prance in these things. So adorable!).

You prance around the house doing this football player meets ballerina walk. I've got to get it on tape. Hilarious.

You are so, so funny. And you know it. You love to make us laugh and it just makes you laugh harder and harder when we get going.

You drag us around by the fingers and say "Come!".

Your words are taking off. I guarantee once you get your tubes in, you'll be using phrases like nobody's business.

You've had a lot of problems with your ears and your R.A.D. this month. We've been hooked to a nebulizer almost non-stop. You went to the ENT and he recommends you get tubes and have your adenoids taken out, so we'll be doing that. We ended up in the E.R. on NYE and found out you had RSV. Fun night. Here's hoping to a healthier month coming up.

You move all day every day (I'm pretty sure this is my new reality and I can copy and paste this on every recap from here on out).

You like to sing your ABC's and can even recognize a few letters. We're working on numbers now too. You can tell everyone you're one and will sometimes tell people you're "almost two" (how is that possible?!?).

You now say "I love you Mommy" or "I love you Daddy". Melt. My. Heart. Pretty sure your Dad teared up when you first said that to him. No lie? I still tear up almost every time you say it.

You tell us "bye bye" at bed time.

This month has been a doozy as we're definitely seeing some tantrums. I thought we somehow missed the whole throw yourself on the floor and scream thing, but apparently not. You will throw yourself down and kick and scream "no! no! no!" when you don't want something. It's fun I tell you. It's why time out has become a daily thing around these parts.

You are just such a sweet girl. You love to give hugs and kisses and say "I wuv you". It makes everything better, cannot lie.


Height: 33 3/4 inches

Weight: 30 pounds (you've lost about 3 pounds this month thanks to RSV and a week and half of not eating. Your rolls are disappearing with a quickness which makes this Mama so sad. :()

Sleep: Sleep has been iffy this month as you've felt like tail, but you still go to bed around 7 or 7:30 and will sleep til 8:30 am if we let you. One nap a day around noon for 2 hours.

Teeth: 14. Another eye tooth made it's appearance this month.

Clothes: 2T and some 3T. In pants you usually need 3T because you're pretty long. You wear a 6 1/2 shoe and a size 5 diaper during the day and at night.

Favorite foods: So weird this month with your eating, but you still like french fries, oranges, avacados, oatmeal, yogurt, Goldfish and cheese the most.

Favorite toys: Abby and Elmo dolls, alphabet train, shoes, remotes, some blocks for a second, and your new kitchen.



Kara said...

I swear we just did one year parties. Yesterday.

Tiff said...

I love this girl! I need y'all in my life soon! :)

Shannon Dew said...

Gosh she is just so dang cute! I hope all goes well w/the tubes and that they help her! I had them put in when I was her age and they were the best thing for me!

Virginia Belle said...

I can't believe she's almost 2! She is beyond adorable. I hope she's feeling much better now.

In This Wonderful Life said...

sweet doll baby! I can't believe how time passes!

Ashley E. said...

Wow, she is such a cutie!! Glad she is feeling better and I hope those cheeks don't go away! They are so darn cute!

Meghan said...

My daughter loves her squeaky shoes too... she does a happy dance and takes tiny quick steps when you first put them on her! Its hysterical! But we've definitely had to put in the "squeaky shoes for outside/errands" rule.. otherwise, this mama would be crazy!!

Lucy Marie said...

She is just precious. I can forsee Evalyn becoming bossy like that in the next few months. She already likes to wag her finger and say "no no no". And? I also cannot keep a straight face when trying to discipline her. Sometimes, the defiance is just so witty and clever that it's hard not to be amazed at how this little person even thought to do that. Cannot believe you're quickly turning the corner on TWO years! Praying for a much healthier month for your little girl.

Jillian said...

She is starting to look so grown up!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

I feel like I'm always leaving you the same comment, but that top photo of BG smiling something fierce is just too much.

I'm sorry about the ongoing health challenges. If it helps, my Master P had to have his adenoids out too, and it has made a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Happy 21 months!

Heather said...

Congratulations! She is so precious, adorable and very very smart!!!

lg2006 said...

She is looking older! Her hair has gotten long too! Fenn's rolls are also disappearing and I miss them so! Sorry you guys have had the sickies! We have too.


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