Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Recap- part two

There's not too much to say about the day after Christmas, but I do really want to get these pictures on here for memories sake.

BG woke up with a 103 fever that morning. She was on fire. She'd had a runny nose and I could tell she was slowing down the night before, but I figured she had caught a cold. But this day, she also was coughing non stop. Basically she breathed; she coughed. Fun.

In true BG form, she still wanted to play and cut up and go "oudide" over and over. This would be the other reason I just thought she had a cold.


**Looking at these pictures now makes it obvious how bad she felt. And just makes me feel horrible all over again. :( **


We spent the afternoon playing; inside, outside, inside, outside. Lather, rinse, repeat. BG loved having so many people at her beck and call. Truth? Mama did too. Gives this girl a break.


Coughing. Nice huh?


I loved having Little Man around with BG. These two were hilarious. He's in the not sharing stage so he would fa-reak out anytime she came near something. Thankfully BG is a pretty laidback child and would just walk away from whatever toy he wanted. Then he'd move to the next one she found. Fun times. But they had a blast together.


We were keeping her fever down with Tylenol, but after nap time, we couldn't keep it down for anything. We called her doctor back home and were told to up her Tylenol and add Ibuprofen. I was a bit nervous to get on the road with her feeling so bad, so we stuck around a bit longer to see if we could get it down. We kept doing her treatments to see if we could get the cough to chill out, but nothing was helping.


I had a gingerbread house in the car that we had never got around to making so I pulled that out for the kiddos to make. Kept their attention for a good five minutes. Win.


BG thought it was more fun to eat the supplies.


Eventually we had to go. Boo hiss. I hate leaving family and heading back home. Hate it.

No sooner had we got on the road than BG started doing this funny breathing thing. I just knew we were going to get halfway home and have to find and ER in some town we didn't know, so we turned around and headed back into town to hit up the hospital in Savannah. Our poor dogs were stuck in the car for the next three hours (thank goodness they are good and it was perfect weather) while BG sat around in her diaper eating popsicles, getting x-rays and breathing treatments, and testing positive for RSV. Oh yea. RSV. M's mothering skills for the win. I've now missed a double ear infection and RSV. Amazeballs.

So her cold? Not a cold. Thank goodness the other kids around her didn't get it.

We ended up leaving town at three am and driving all night. We stopped in Columbia to sleep in the car for a bit and make it home about eight am. Just in time for this girl to go to work.


I spent the day curled up in bed with my girl instead.

Thankfully, she's a trooper. Who got to spend the next week at home with her Daddy while Mama brought home the bacon. Good Mama.

Maybe next Christmas she'll stay healthy??


Turner Aycock said...

poor sweet girl! that last picture is so sad :( You were smart to turn around and go back to the hospital. hope everyone is healthy now! :)

Quinn said...

The boots. The wings. OMG I DIE!! What a fashionista.

Now how in the hell do you get her to keep the mask on? Saige acts like we are murdering her if we even get it anywhere close to her face!! I'm glad she is feeling better...the sickies are the worst, especially over holidays!

Heather said...

Poor thing!!! Don't feel bad. Glad she got to the hospital. She looked so cute for being sick. My mothering bad is that my kids don't get fevers with their ear infections, so it is so hard to tell. I only know when they don't sleep or act cranky during the day. I have no idea why I'm taking them to the doctor. Once my daughter's eardrum had almost ruptured, but she had no fever. Go figure.

A.B. said...

Ug, G$ had RSV last year and it was AWFUL. THe worst. Absolute worst. I'm sorry, friend. Poor BG. Poor Mama :(

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I just want to kiss her big cheeks. =)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh, I am so sorry :-( To be honest, though, looking at the pictures it definitely seemed as though she was enjoying herself and having a good time. I can easily see how you'd think it was just a cold in need of Tylenol and kisses. In the end, I'm glad that she was OK. Don't beat yourself up about it too much, because you're a wonderful, amazing mother. Everyone reading this blog knows it!

Ashley E. said...

Aw, poor baby girl and poor you! Don't feel bad, she's so darn happy when she's sick!

Melissa said...

I hope she's all better now! My daughter Logan had RSV last week... along with pretty much all of her class at daycare. I think it's been going around.

Those turquoise boots are awesome!

Kara said...

Girl that's horrible :(

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

She's a trooper for sure! That pic of y'all in the ER is pitiful :( Glad you made it back safely though.

lg2006 said...

Those glitter uggs are TO DIE FOR> I love them! Im sorry she was so sick over Christmas! WE had similar issues!! Hope she is better now


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