Monday, January 23, 2012

a Myrtle Beach Christmas

Since my brother was able to come home for a few weeks in January, we all decided to gather in Myrtle Beach to celebrate Christmas with him, his new fiance, and her family. BG and I debated going since Mr. P wasn't able to get the time off so soon after my Grandma's funeral, but we eventually decided to make the almost five hour trek across the state of SC.

I haven't spent much time with Uncle Marine's fiance so I'm still getting to know her and figuring out my relationship with her. I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty hard on his girlfriends, but seeing as how this one will be sticking around, I am putting in a full effort on getting to know her. For that reason, I'm glad BG and I went.

Her, lets call her Kiki, parents were beyond friendly and were quick to invite us to their house for gifts and to hang out when we got there. So after a delicious dinner with Nonny, Pops, UM, and Kiki, we headed to their house for a bit. True to form, BG got spoiled. Must be nice being the only child around all of these adults...

We all watched as BG pulled the wrapping paper off of each gift one... strip... at.. a.. time..

BG is beyond terrified of that rabbit...


After a while, BG and I headed back to the condo with Nonny and Pops for a bit where she stayed up way too late playing in her new Princess castle they got her for Christmas.

The next day we headed out to the beach to take a few engagement pictures of Kiki and UM and let the little one run out some energy before heading home. BG had a blast running around and chasing the birds and giving her Mom a mild heart attack. I so don't do birds. When will she get that?!

Eventually it was time to pack it up. Only not to head home. Somehow BG and I ended up having to take Pops down to Savannah. Craziness. I am so thankful that my child is so good in the car. So thankful.

We spent the night there where we got some bad news that another dear family friend (and the daughter of my grandparent's neighbors)had passed away. It was definitely a somber time in Savannah.

We had some family come in the next day before we left, so we went and ate lunch with everyone. While there, BG's traveling over the last four days caught up with her and *^it hit the fan. So that was fun.

Eventually we made it home. Where we hopefully be for quite some time before hitting the road again.. This girl is tired.

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