Monday, January 30, 2012

can you hear me now?

For months now, BG has been battling a double ear infection. I'm actually not sure how long she had it before I finally took her to the doctor because I was convinced her middle of the night screaming was just a way to have me institutionalized.

Finally, near the end of October, we got a diagnosis; a double ear infection.

We started meds and were told to finish out the course of antibiotics. After a couple of weeks, we went back and it was still there. So we did another round of antibiotics. I honestly thought it cleared up after that one because BG quit messing with it. Then at the beginning of December, BG's teacher called me not five minutes after I dropped her off worried that she might have pink eye. Fantastic. As I mentioned here, she didn't, but her ear infection had gotten so severe that it was showing in her eye now. Yea. Freaking gross.

Her doctor started a third round of antibiotics with the instructions that if it wasn't better in seven days, to come right back in. On day 8, we were back. By this point I was over this. I had started noticing a slow down in BG's speech and I was very concerned about her hearing. Her doctor was being super conservative because she had had zero problems before this, but even if he was beginning to notice that the phrases she should have been learning at this point were just not coming. We were sent to the ENT two days later.

The ENT took one look in her ears and said she needed tubes. And soon. Not only that, but because of Mr. P's and my health history (a set of tubes for him, three for me as well as a tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy for me) he wanted to go ahead and take her adenoid(s)? out too. Once that was a go, we headed back for her hearing test.

Y'all, it broke my heart to sit in the booth with her and hear those noises that she didn't even respond to. She just laughed and giggled at the lady running the thing but she heard less than a quarter of the sounds. I was so upset. After confirming that she was hearing at maybe about 30-40% and that what she could hear was muffled, I was ready to get her fixed that day.

But we had to wait a couple of weeks. And battle RSV. That was fun.

Finally, on the 4th of January it was surgery time.

We were at the clinic at seven am. Only one out of three of us was even awake.

It took no time for us to get back to the back. BG was dolled up in her little hospital gown and then got to watch a bit of Little Einsteins with Daddy while Mama got the paperwork taken care of.

Then it was time for her to go on back. I held it in as my precious little girl was wheeled on back in a little red wagon. She looked so big yet so tiny at the same time. I was just so proud of her though. She didn't make a single peep in protest. She was a pro.

Forty five minutes later they were coming to get us. My heart hurt a bit at my obviously upset toddler as they brought her out to me. We spent about thirty minutes with her and then decided to go ahead and take her home where she could relax.

Once home, she took a thirty minute nap and that was all she wrote. She woke up raring and ready to go. For the rest of the day. Still not sure where the rest I was promised went??

By that afternoon, we were already noticing an increase in speech. And since then? Holy wow. You cannot turn her off. Ever.

At her post op appointment her hearing was above 80% and getting better by the day. Do I hate that we waited so long? Absofreakinglutely. But I am thrilled that she is definitely doing better.

Also a huge thank you for those of you that were checking in and praying for our sweet girl. We are so, so appreciative!


In This Wonderful Life said...

sweet thing!! I bet it so wonderful to hear her precious voice :)

Kara said...

Oh my goodness, I didnt realize y'all were going through that. Amazing that ear infections can muffle hearing, I'm so sorry!!! So glad she is better.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Whew - what a relief! I'm so glad you guys don't have to deal with that anymore. I think that after the 2nd round of atbx I would have been like, "OK - I can't deal with this anymore!" and would have lost it completely once they started round #3. You are such a good momma!

And have to say that I love her little electric blue shoesies - so cute!

SEL said...

I'm so glad you were able to get answers and have something done to help BG. What a relief!!

Jessica said...

As an adult with hearing loss, this post made me tear up! Don't worry about however long she might have been having issues before this - you guys did an awesome job and she'll catch up in no time. :) Seriously. I had some speech issues - and much less transient hearing loss than BG - and was totally caught up by the time I entered kindergarden. She'll be back in no time! Good job, Momma.

Lauren said...

Sooooo glad she is doing much better!!!!! :)

Steph said...

Glad that her surgery was a success and you ALL are doing better!

B F said...

Tubes are a godsend right?? Both my girls have had them. Actually Lidia had two sets of tubes and Carly has to go back in February to get her 2nd set because the tube fell out. But the ear infections basically go away! (thank god!) Glad she was happy right away too! Shes adorable!

Belle on Heels said...

Such great news. So glad to hear she's doing better :)

Lindsey said...

Oh I'm so glad everything went well- my older one had the same thing and I am so glad we did the procedure so she could hear better- and once they can hear you are absolutely right- they don't stop talking!!! Hehe!

Sassy Engineer said...

I am so sorry you have been going through this. I'm so glad everything seems to be getting better - I will keep you and your sweet daughter in my prayers!

Jillian said...

Yay, that's awesome!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

I'm so thrilled to hear BG is doing well!

Please don't beat yourself up about not doing the procedure sooner (easier said than done, I realize). I've been there (MP had to have his adenoids out), and I think it's a good thing to take our time with things like surgery.

lg2006 said...

Ohg my goodness! I am just now catching up on blogs. Way too late cause I should have been praying for this precious girl. So glad she is doing better! That sounds like an ordeal.

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