Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 366: Week 4

Sunday, January 22nd:

BG and I made a quick stop at Tiffany and T's house on Sunday afternoon to pick some things up. I love that Tiff has quickly become the kind of friend whose house I can show up to looking a complete mess and it is completely okay. I also love that BG loves her some T as evidenced by this bear hug I happened to catch.

Monday, January 23rd:

Mr. P had some business he had to take care of down in Savannah on Tuesday so BG and I packed up and traveled down there with him. Unfortunately BG has become a terrible traveler 99% of the time. This is a quick 5 minute distraction of Netflix on Mr. P's phone. It lasted until she realized she could still control the touchscreen. Not okay.

Tuesday, January 24th:

Mr. P, BG and I spent the day hanging out with my Papa. He's doing a lot of healing right now. It was so good to see this smile.

Wednesday, January 25th:

BG is not allowed to have juice. It's just a personal preference in this house. However, she managed to score a few of these while visiting Kiki's family in Myrtle Beach and somehow she came home with them. Once she caught sight of this one in the fridge, it was on. Sometimes, you have to give a little. And she enjoyed every last drop.

Thursday, January 26th:

My sweet sleeping baby.

AKA: Mama forgot to take a picture and had to sneak this one. But can we talk about how big she looks with a pillow and a blanket?!?

Friday, January 27th:
Hey hey! A two picture day! *Rhymes are totally free*

BG loves to look "fierce" by clenching her fists and baring her teeth at you. Unfortunately for her, she nine times out of ten dissolves into a fit of giggles. Love it.


Doing her breathing treatment with her pal. Dad looks thrilled to have a lap full doesn't he?!

Saturday, January 28th:

Saturday I dressed BG up in one of my old dresses (which was a shirt on my tall girl). She looked absolutely adorable. And I know she's my kid and I might be slightly biased, but seriously, how gorgeous is this kid?!?


Kara said...

I love that last picture, her eyes are so pretty. I love her hair, it is really starting to come in! I know, WHY can't they make the touch screen lock and play at the same time?!

Elizabeth said...

The last picture you posted is simply beautiful!!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I rode the "no juice" train as long as I could. I still water it down a ton at home. Juice boxes or pouches are a special treat!

Yes, that last pic is gorgeous! Your photog skills are awesome (aside from having an adorable subject!)

In This Wonderful Life said...

be still my heart..that last picture! can you mail me a copy?? haha. and those fists! TOO FUNNY!

The Parkers said...

Okay, the last photo, OMW! Meg, it's to die for! I hope this is framed somewhere in your house, or at least on a list to be upload to eventually be framed. ;) And where did she get those awesome giraffe pjs? LOVE them! And so glad the tubes worked, after 2 years, C is just now "losing" them. They were the best decision ever! xo

Maydelin said...

The last picture is just perfect!! You girl is so cute!1

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