Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our New Year's Eve

Yep. The one three weeks ago. I am never going to get caught up...

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I keep thinking in my head that I want New Year's plans that involve being dressed up and out in a crowd somewhere and well, that never happens. But at this stage in life, these quiet weekends at home are just about as good as gold so I'll take them for now. But... I'm holding Mr. P to big plans one year. Soon. Before I'm too old for this mess.

We did not do a thing on New Year's Eve. Or if we did, I can't remember (this is why you don't recap a month later M...). Mr. P wasn't feeling too well so BG and I kind of hung out and did our own thing. He did make us pancakes with his little helper. Sure hope she gets his skills in the kitchen and not mine.

On New Year's Day, Mr. P cooked a traditional dinner of black eyed peas, pork, cabbage, and corn bread for lunch. We invited a friend of mine from work to come over and we spent the rest of the afternoon eating, watching football, and playing outside with BG.

She got this Cozy Coupe for Christmas and she loves it. Big time. It's one of her favorite things at the minute.

A very quiet, but nice afternoon.

Before we dismantled the tree, I wanted to try and get a few pictures in front of it. This one was a complete accident, but I LOVE it.

And yes, I did got dig out BG's Christmas outfit just for these pictures. What are Christmas tree photos without Christmas tree clothes??

**new favorite picture**

I got the bright idea to attempt a "full" family shot. It went well(ish).

Somebody remind me to put on make up next time. Scary Spice alert.

So we began yet another year in true Imperfect fashion. But is there a better way to start off a year strong than by hanging out with your favorite people?

I think not.


Ashley E. said...

We always die laughing when we attempt the self timed family pics. Too many dogs and wiggly toddlers to get a good one, but they sure are hilarious!

eas said...

okay she is just adorable!

Toko Busana Muslim said...

good information ... I have read and will be added to my personal knowledge... thanks


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